I Need Help To Receive My Litecoin Cash Free Coins

I had my Litecoin in the Litecoin Core wallet.
Long before the hardfork
(Jan 2018) time frame.
But, when I loaded my new Litecoin cash wallet.
Well after the hardfork (Feb 18)
It shows that my (free) Litecoin cash came into the wallet.
And then was sent out to an address that is not a Litecoin address.
(Well before the Hardfork day arrived)
I put all the private keys from the Litecoin hard core wallet.
Into the Litecoin Cash wallet
And I receive some of the LItecoin Cash coins.
But the greater part of the coins that I should have received is missing.
The private keys has been added to the Litecoin Cash wallet.
The coins were sent out before I even downloaded the Litecoin Cash wallet.
Can anyone help me.
Thank you

Is there a posibility that you wrote your private keys on any website, trying to find out how much LCC did you have, for example?
If you did a thing like that, the website will for sure steal your coins.

No. I did not do that.
Remember what I wrote.
The cash coins were added to a wallet that did not exist.
And were sent out to an address that is not Litecoin
Prefix of "C"
And this was well before the hardfork date.
That is what the Litecoin Cash wallet is showing.
It could not have happened.
The wallets did not even exist at that date.
Thank you

Litecoin (prefix L) and LCC address (prefix C) are actually the same address, but shown in different formats.

If the transaction was before the hardfork, then that means that it is a Litecoin transaction you made on your Litecoin wallet before the fork. Please right-click said transaction (on your LCC wallet) and show us the txid.

Do you clearly understand that, to obtain fork coins your original (i.e. Litecoin) coins must remain on the address?

Yes. All my Litecoins were left on the Litecoin core wallet many days before and a few days after the hardfork.
I only moved the Litecoins to a new Litecoin wallet yesterday. Feb 27 2018
And yes. I can send what you need I think.
Thank you

Okay, please do it :slight_smile:

2/3/18 07:11 Confirmed (14064 confirmations). Sent to (no label) CTnhovvJt5SFVx5CDwbQcrvQuLvWyFDF7p -200.4196294

2/3/18 07:11 Confirmed (14064 confirmations). Sent to (no label) CTnhovvJt5SFVx5CDwbQcrvQuLvWyFDF7p -200.4196294

2/3/18 07:11 Confirmed (14064 confirmations). Sent to (no label) CQGpWTXwRervogWkLwwXJHdFNLc4neKYbS -4.4977400

And I can show that the Litecoins were in the wallet at the time of the hardfork
Thank you

Sorry. In the reply above. One is a duplicate
Thank you

So, the ~200 LCC are the one missing, right?

Well, I think it is as I tought.

25 days ago, ab83eb…b62a559 transaction was made on Litecoin, before the fork.
It sends ~24.49 Litecoin. 0.44 to an address, 20 to another.


That same transaction is also valid on the LCC chain, because it ocurred before the fork.

Please, tell me if those Litecoin coins are yours

  • 20 LWYm…MWzqT (spent) == 200 CTnh…DF7p (unspent)
  • 0.4 LT2tC…c81B7 (spent) == 4.4 CQGpW…neKYbS (spent)

My receive address on the
20.49173694 Litecoins was LUbbYT65NvuA9iihpds2HBMSYUeANWgLK7


On 2/3/2018 at 07:09 time

I sent 0.45000000 Litecoin to Bittrex


Okay. So, mistery solved:

You’re failing to understand how change addresses work on Bitcoin/Litecoin transactions.

You had ~20.49 Litecoin on ~Lk7 address.
You sent 0.45 Litecoin to bittrex (~1B7 address)
Change (20.04173694 LTC) where deposited to you on a different (~zqT) address.

So you need to export private key of ~zqT address from your Litecoin wallet and import it to your LCC wallet.
~200 LCC will be there, awaiting you. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if it works as expected.

Thank you so much for your help.
I have this problem.
I don’t know where or how to look for the (zqt) address
When I try to dumprivkey using the 20.04173694 receiving address.
It does not begin with zqt if that is what I need.
When I use that key. It says it is already installed on the Litecoin cash wallet.
From what i did before. (Yesterday)
What do I need?


use dump pk with this address: LWYmW6t55ghmrcrviLFnKNN9VS5P8MWzqT

Here is the result.

“This doesn’t appear to be a Litecoin/LitecoinCash private key.”


dumppk with zqT address must be done on Litecoin Core.
Then, import that pk on LCC wallet.

That is what I did.


I was able to receive some Litecoin cash that I put in the Litecoin core wallet after
2/3/2018 Everything before that date is where the problem is.