I Need Help To Receive My Litecoin Cash Free Coins

So, when you try to import pk on LCC wallet, it says “that is not a LCC or LTC address”?
That has no sense.

I have been locked out for 19 hours. I was a new member.


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Okay, waiting for your response.

Here is what I think may have happened. I had 20.49------Litecoins in the Litecoin core wallet. I sent about 0.450 out to Bittrex.
That was from the Litecoins that already existed in the wallet.
If memory serves me right. That was on Feb3.
The Litecoin Cash wallet, that didn’t exist at that time shows 204 plus Litecoin Cash being sent out of the wallet that I now have downloaded.
It wasn’t possible. The Litecoin Cash Fork had not happened.
How could Litecoin Cash be sent out of a wallet that didn’t exist?


The same way that they could be received, before they “existed”. Think about it.
They are not lost. You only need to export private key and import it back.
If you are having a rough time doing that, I can do it for you. I will charge you 22 LCC.
I’m also able to keep helping you free of charge, of course.

22—Litecoin Cash would be a very good price to find the 200 plus coins that I don’t have. I thank you that you would even do that for me.
You will have to tell me what you need to do and what I need to do.
If you can find them for me for 22 Litecoin Cash. I will be jumping up and down being very happy.
I like closure on problems. While they are festering in my life.
I feel that something is missing or undone. I know that the 200 plus Litecoin Cash isn’t that much at the present time.
But, I can rest upon completion of the matter and be very satisfied.
Thank you


I am sorry. I will have to rest for now. I have been up many hours and it is way past my bedtime. We can continue this conversation tomorrow if that is OK.
Thank you


Please check your private messages. :slight_smile:

Just to let you all know:

Looking coins for LCC ~zqT were recovered today, and now Looking is again in control of said coins.

In fact, I was able to recover ~258 coins (more than ~200 I was expecting to recover); ~200 from one address and ~58 from other also stucked addresses on Looking’s wallet.

Looking can confirm regained control. :slight_smile: