LitecoinCash Wallet doesn't reflect the correct balance from my LiteCoin Core Wallet

I transferred 33.36330776 Litecoin from my Coinbase account to the Litecoin Core wallet on 2/15 before the fork.

On 2/15/18 - my first transaction was a test of .5 Litecoin at 13:30; followed by 32.86330776 Litecoin at 13:36

After the fork (on 3/1/18) I transferred my 33.38330776 Litecoin back to my Coinbase account.

I installed the LitecoinCash Wallet and provided the private key as instructed in order to receive the 10:1 LitecoinCash for each Litecoin owned (prior to the fork).

My LitecoinCash Wallet only shows a balance of 5 LitecoinCash instead of 333.

I am trying to figure out what happened to the 328 LitecoinCash that should have been issued to my LitecoinCash wallet.

Can anyone provide information on how I can claim the remainder of my LitecoinCash?


You case is identical to this one:

you only exported your last receiving address, but forgot to export private keys to/of change addresses.

Considering litecoinqt wallet is already empty, an easy fix is to

  1. Close litecoincashqt
  2. Open litecoin-qt
  3. File >> Backup Litecoin wallet.dat
  4. put Litecoin wallet.dat in place of Litecoincash one

For Windows users, the default data directory is C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Roaming\LitecoinCash
For Mac Users, it’s ~/Library/Application Support/litecoincash

  1. Open litecoincashqt. It will now open with all the private keys it needs to gain control of all your 338+ LCC.

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