Why still hold Litecoin?

Here we are again, the slowest moving crypto (major) in this space. Hasnt even hit ATH and BTC is going to outperform it once again (LTCBTC)…

People want to talk about its fundamentals and how fast it is but it seems investors dont care. And if they are buying LTC how is the price still in the 200s. Should be beyond ATH as ETH has surpassed its ATH MONTHS ago.

So my question is, why do you guys have faith in this coin as an investment. Because the fundamentals sounded good to me 3 years ago but still people want flashier shitcoins


This is not a sprint. LTC won’t fail within 5 years like most of current top 10 currencies.
It is also not super centralized like some other top 10 currencies.
BTC and LTC have the fundamentals right. It is that simple. We can get back to this in 10 years and see. I cannot sell, because I should pay like 50% tax on my gains. ■■■■ that. I will sit on it until I can use it as money.
We are soooo far from the goals. Lightning, mweb and so many ideas are in the pipes. I hopefully have the 10 years to wait it out.


Thanks for the response

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The first time i bought Bitcoin I had a hard time syncing the blockchain. So I decided to convert to Litecoin and Litecoin thought me how to properly hold and secure my cryptocurrencies.

All the other coins/tokens came, but it doesn’t seems as reliable as the main implementation of Bitcoin/Litecoin core. I don’t think using Metamask’s Ethereum for example as secure as main Bitcoin/Litecoin implementation. Apart of that, Ethereum blockchain already had a hardfork because the made a bad implementation. How can we be sure they will not screw things up again?

My answer is: Bitcoin/Litecoin is solid. I am not here to get rich on the short run, I want to be able to exchange value. Bitcoin holding is a more difficult task nowadays if you want to use core implementation, so I prefer using Litecoin on the daily base.


Currently? To sell for bitcoin when it reaches 1 ltc = 0.02 btc exchange rate

The first time I bought Litecoin it was 2014 and I paid 0.034 and saw my holdings reducing a lot. But I was ok because I learned how to properly hold.

On 2021, I bought at 0.0037. This zero makes so much difference.


Holding lite has a simple reason due to its bright future!
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you can use it as money already why should you not?

Just simple for me LTC never dispointed me ’ easy transactions , less fee, and i think i m just in love with this coin from begin ’ when i know LTC value ’ $80 o dreaming to have even only 1 LTC and always keep eye on every moment to have LTC and to day i see how LTC give me profit on every conditions …just keep eye on it ( my brother always said it ) …i happy to be part of

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Its been a month since this post and we are back…

I feel like everything people say about why it moves slow is cope. Can anyone prove whales manipulate the price of the coin? or how its “programmed to 1k” all of this stuff sounds like conspiracy theories

It would not fail for sure as it is one of the most famous coins

Is it though? So many coins have outperformed it and are way more popular

I don’t think so

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/Litecoin has a strong foundation. In the short run, I am not interested in accumulating wealth, I am here to exchange value. If you use the core implementation, it has become more difficult to hold Bitcoins nowadays, therefore I prefer using Litecoin today.


That sounds interesting !

Interesting thread, I think I like to trade Litecoin as it is consistent. There isn’t the major highs and lows like Bitcoin so it offers a lower risk trade. I trade rather than hold and work off the charts and patterns that I can see. I have done quite well off it over the years.

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It’s a steady eddy crypto in terms of its price compared to some of the others. A good option for the more risk averse investor perhaps.

I still have higher hopes for LTC and like some of the perks it offers over BTC, but I suppose only time will tell.

This exactly, why I stick to Litecoin. I want to use it as a payment system.

I too.