Why still hold Litecoin?

I prefer to hold Litecoin even now because although it has been in the market for so many years, the value of Litecoin has been a lot steadier than other cryptos that have been in the market for a similar period of time. This is why I still like to buy and hold on to Litecoin. It sure has its own perks over bitcoin and other crypto-coins, but I genuinely use it as a standard average wealth saving mode or payment mode.

Litecoin already failed, they’re new update corrupted android wallets. Say goodbye.

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When investing, the question is always whether to sell or hold. I myself never make the decision in which cryptocurrency to invest easy and think long and hard. But when I make a decision, I stand behind it. Of course, not all investments will work out, but with some I have hope that they will have a great future and could be the next big thing. And then I certainly don’t sell now, but wait until the prices have recovered and continue to rise until they have reached a stable high plateau.

Litecoin has a promising future and that is the only reason for holding it. In some aspects, LTC is even better than BTC. I am sure the price will rise significantly as Litecoin becomes more popular.


Yes possibly.

It might become in your future.

Litecoin is one of the best cryptos to invest in. Litecoin has not been performing for some time but I think it will change in the coming years.