Why Litecoin price doesn't match 1/4 of Bitcoin price? LTC price should be 12500$ right now!

As we know LTC has a very similar technology than BTC, but with one fundamental difference on his nature, the x4 feature: x4 coins (84M) , x4 speed (one block each 2,5 minutes), x4 block capacity (of transactions per block).

Also, another relevant difference is that LTC uses Scrypt as the encryption algorithm, unlike BTC which uses SHA-256.

This tech differences make LTC even better than BTC in some aspects.

But, far from the technical differences, there are no apparent causes to understand the huge price difference. Well, yes there are, BTC is very famous, even the dumbest of the class know it. It’s to be expected that any intelligent investor in BTC will also be in LTC, because if you are going to spend $ 50k on a BTC it is logical that you also spend $800 on an LTC. For all this, I predict that the price of LTC has a great route up ahead, I do not say it will reach $12-13k but at least 4k or 5k if the BTC keeps rising.

What do you think? Am I fucking crazy?

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I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibilities. My thinking is that would be 3 to 5 plus years. BTC has had 3 halving to LTC’s 2. 7200 LTC a day produced to 900 BTC. If BTC and LTC would have halved at the same time LTC would be at 3600 and looking at 1800 next halving. BTC had a couple year head start. As adoption and scarcity rise so should the price. As the alt coin craze and fomo settles down more money should flow back into the legacy coins. Anyway my plan is to keep adding and hold through 2 more halvings.


Currently were at the edge of institutional investors dipping their toe into this industry. Most people have only ever heard of Bitcoin. They see BTC and its market dominance. They don’t really know about the rest of the field. Lots of weird new names and tech. Some like Greyscale understand this space and bought A LOT of Litecoin. I imagine more will follow.


Yes, they bought a lot of litecoin from the individual perspective, but the amount of litecoin they own overall is nothing in comparison to how much bitcoin they are holding…

At this point I think they are distributing risk across multiple coins.

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I do not think that you are crazy, those who want to buy take advantage, we all know what jewel is missing from the triology 1st place, 2nd place … 3rd place? celebrate what you have invested.

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limit orders in exchanges are what determines price…nothing else…

everything is only worth what someone else is willing to trade for it…

Limit orders are too simple, I guess you mean all kind of complex orders, and agree that that kind of orders make the depth of the market. But if Litecoin follows Bitcoin, it will raise for sure.

Coins prices dont follow each other…they are worth what someone is willing to trade for them…