Why Litecoin price doesn't match 1/4 of Bitcoin price? LTC price should be 12500$ right now!

You state true facts about central bankers. But they have nothing to do with the mining profits or value of DOGE or LTC or any decentralized currency other than their ability to flood the world with fiat money creating more demand for all forms of alternative currencies. If central banks had control of decentralized open ledger currencies that would not be at war with bitcoin.

You have the most accurate answer done with the fewest words.
You win today’s satoshi.

Litecoin does not have as much of a demand as bitcoin has. Even if both their supplies had to be set at the same level, the demand of bitcoin would naturally increase the price, compared to the demand of litecoin. Litecoin in its own way is unique and special to Bitcoin, but the thing is, when people get overly attached to something, it takes a lot of time for them to adopt something new. Which is why, although people realise the worth of litecoin, the demand is much lower.

Bitcoin does not need publicity, Litecoin on the other hand needs more marketing. I’m pretty sure @admin receives a lot of marketing proposals most invalid.
Just one person able to pool our resources should be enough if that pooling goes over longer persiods than a month.