Why I Sold All My LTC Just Now :(


Yeaaaah. I’m honestly regretting hodl’ing at 34 and not selling so I could’ve bought it at 17 the very next week. But oh well.

Hoping LTC goes up before Aug 1. . . when everything becomes either Coinageddon or coin nirvana.

I’d like to sell my LTC before Aug 1 because it’s a risk i’m not so sure I want to take :D.


well its all up to you. as for me, im staying in… guns blazing up this mofo.


Never invest/trade with money you’re not okay with losing. Also, buy low and sell high. If you’re investing you should look at it as a long term investment because the market fluctuates. I currently only have 10 LTC which I bought at $27.


Lol dude you bought high.

but I can’t talk, I bought some of mine for 33


If you’re referring to me buying high…yeah I see that by looking at the history, but I just got involved last week. It hasn’t dropped below the price I purchased at since then. It’s a risk I took because it could either hold and continue going up or it could drop below $27, but no one knows.


I got mine at 27 bucks too and a day later it went over to 28 and then never went back down… You can’t just wait forever to buy cause you saw it at $4 once, it doesn’t work that way… Plus, Hal2030 bought at the “dip” and just hodl’d… that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.

I’m actually regretting not buying more LTC at 27. I’ve been keeping an eye out, i think the lowest i can get it now is 28 bucks and some change… gunna get some more then.


Hey all,

How high do you think LTC will go? It’s already gone up to 40 and it’s not Monday yet. . .

I looked at the history and when Coinbase added LTC, the price only went up by 10.

I’m not sure if there’s any room for anything above 40 from bitstamp.


Theirs always room bruh… just be patient and hodl


If anyone is interested, I want to buy 210 LTC for $6,000




How do you want to do this?


There is no stronger moonshine then the one made at home :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I’ll sell you all you want…you want to send me paypal? paypal has limits but accept bitcoin also and bitcoin can be purchased with a debit card at many exchanges


Is there a PM method is this forum?


WHOOPS. I thought u meant u wanted to SELL 210 LTC for $6k.

Sorryyyy no deal lol. I knew it was too good to be true wtf :smiley:


can you send me your email on PM


You’re going to sell him LTC for $27 USD?

Dude can I have some?


yes just click the name you want to PM



I legit sold all my LTC just now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got nervous when Charlie tweeted that the amazon thing was a hype, so I used LOGIC and realized LTC was mooning cuz ppl were thinkin’ it was legit. So I sold before the crash. It didn’t crash tho :smiley:


you do realize every time you do this…the price goes up…I thought you would have learned your lesson by now…litecoin is going over $100 man and I’m along for the ride myself…until one understands NOT TO PANIC SELL then one can make profits form trading…otherwise…keep on buying high and selling low and feeding the guys who are smarter than you’s wallets


It’s true, but I really wanted to avoid the crash after the people who can’t read Chinese realize that the amazon adoption is a hoax.

I didn’t know people wouldn’t realize it for this long, now ltc is 55.

it’s okay it will crash and i’ll buy back in :slight_smile:
or i’ll wait until the august crash