Why I Sold All My LTC Just Now :(


its at $31.50 and rising now what? newbie…


Why is it going up? Nothing interesting happened on lee’so twitter, except that weird lottery puzzle


Dude wtf? Why do you think trading prices are all based on hype? If you want the price to go up so bad then buy some coins…have you not noticed that most people use litecoin as a hedge for when bitcoin goes down? Now everything went down the same amount so if you didn’t get into fiat when it was at the high then u missed out…quit posting bullshit wondering about the price…price only reflects what people buy and sell…its based on trends and those cannot be perfectly predicted


This is trading dude not “The Price Is Right”…


are u saying it’s not going up anymore??? cuz i’m still hodl. even when it dropped to 28.

also, hype raises LTC? remember segwit lockin?


It always goes back up…litecoin released segregated witness as a test ground for bitcoin…now bitcoin agreed to finally lock in segwit as well…hype has nothing to do with price…people buy in anticipation of being able to use a secure a protocol like litecoin…trading prices are based on buys and sells nothing more…its only based on hype when someone gets excited and goes to an exchange and buys…


If software release had anything to do with price then litecoin would be centralized not decentralized like it is…remember there us no middle man in true mineable cryptocurrency like bitcoin and litecoin…people bought zcash because of the ability to encrypt the transaction…they buy ether for a smart contract…they buy litecoin because of lightning fast transaction confirmations and now segregated witness…


your best bet if you want to trade correctly is to sell high and buy back when its low…this is known as a short sell…you can do this to other cryptos or fiat…chats are easier to predict going to other cryptos by watching the fiat charts where example ltc/btc goes down when bitcoin goes up and litecoin doesnt and ltc/btc goes up when litecoin goes up and bitcoin goes down…when they both go up via fiat then youll see a rally in the ltc/btc chart…watch some youtube documentaries or videos about trading and stock market trading techniques…they can be applied to crypto trading…like i said though every coin has a different purpose other than just to make money off of…


Hi i want start new in crypto cruncy and i want buy 4000ltc to 10000ltc mean i want invest 100k to 200k usdand i want wait for going to 100usd is it possible it will go the year end in 100$ soo where i can buy in big quantity and if i want sale any time i can sale


If you really took a student loan to speculate on altcoins, you should destroy your computer right now and see a therapist. That will be much more profitable to you.


I used to think exactly like you, and I can tell you’re new to the forum like me.
but everyone else helped me see the light. Litecoin is not an altcoin, or at least it’s not like the other altcoins. It’s here to stay.
If you don’t have faith in litecoin but invested in it, then you need to seek therapy.
I am riding my student loan on the millions of dollars everyone in the litecoin dev/community have invested.
Ofc, it did get scary when LTC dropped to 17, but I’m just going to stick it out.
I honestly should’ve sold everything at 34 like bakd said, then re-bought at 17, but no one can see the future and I thought it would just keep going up.
Whoever sold at 34 is probably super lucky they were able to buy at 17. . .


Following your answer, I edit my previous remark (addition in CAPS):
If you really took a student loan to speculate on altcoins OR ANYTHING ELSE, you should destroy your computer right now and see a therapist. That will be much more profitable to you.


Cool story bro. You go do that while I double my student loan in weeks. 8)


… as I wrote earlier in this thread, I bought my LTCs at 4 $, so thank you for your good advice :wink:


I use crypto as my bank account day to day…I put over half my paycheck in it every week and trade around and by the end of the week selling to my paypal I have spent over 150%…works every time…takes lots of patience and discipline but crypto has actually made my daily expenses cost less by doing this…

know how they say don’t bet the farm? well I don’t…I just know that even if the price crashes it still wont ever go to zero before I get a chance to sell…this isn’t like blackjack where you can loose everything in a few minutes…

I don’t recommend anyone do what I do but I am just saying that it works for me because of the way I work things and the fact that I am glued to the screen every day watching the prices for hours on end helps a lot too…might be the only reason I can make it work that way though…as i have no life outside of work and home anyway…lol


I appreciate you guys trying to raise the price, but you don’t have to :slight_smile: lol

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The price of LTC was 25.00, then u guys go and do this just to raise it so that I don’t lose faith in LTC. Thanks :slight_smile: but i’m hodling until 50 so you didn’t have to.


Dude … LTC is at 25$ dropping and going up here and there… this guy wouldve made about 5k if he wouldve just sat down and shuuuuttt uppp…

Looks like he has yet to learn… as do i but even i knew he’d fucked up by selling…


See your getting it…trust me…there will be many mornings you’ll wake up saying “damnit, I knew I should have bought last night…”…lol…
And it looks like your doing what the rest of us do and becoming an official “Litecoin Bagholder”…(which I am happy to admit I am as I refuse to spend my litecoins)…Lots of luck


I hope it hits 50 this week. Been too long :stuck_out_tongue: and loan interest starts accruing :P.

My friend says LTC will hit 220 by 2018. I agree.


Imma be honest i doubt it will go up to 50 this week. It’s going to be a little while. LTC is growing but it is taking it’s time and thats a good thing.

I definitely think it will grow to be one of the most popular currencies though.