Why I Sold All My LTC Just Now :(


One day you will learn to Respect the “All Mighty Chikun!” $100 here we come…next stop $1000


Why are you so convinced that Litecoin went up because of the Amazon speculation? It hasn’t crashed after Charlie Lee denied it, so that was almost certainly not the reason for the rise. More likely were the meetings he had with Chinese miners. Here’s what he tweeted afterwards:


Smart South Korea’s money is storing its wealth in LTC, in case of war with North Korea - 25% of yesterday’s worldwide trade was from there, following the successful missile launch.


That sounds a lot like damage control. Especially cuz he legit just did what he tried to warn people about: he hyped the article facepalm

Anyway, it’s like this, the article is in mandarin, and the hyped version is in English.

So the reason it hasn’t crashed fully is because, well, you’d have to know mandarin to realize it’s a hoax :D.

ofc LTC will go to $100. It’s just that uhhh, don’t you want to sell before it crashes so u can buy the crash?


no you don’t sell before the crash to buy back unless it is currently crashing…that’s called a “panic sell”…if it crashes and your holding then just buy more to add to your portfolio…no sense in crying because you missed out because you were sleeping or at work or whatever else…especially since we all know its going way up form here…or that we know it always goes back up eventually…only way I see litecoin crashing is if coinbase doesn’t get their ■■■■ together soon…problems with sells and buys on exchanges makes people skeptical to even participate at all…


Dis crash doeeee:



Ltc is 50$ now, i don,t know why you selled but it cant go lower. It will go low with traders like you who buy high and sell low , but it will raise again


How can you be so sure it’s going to crash? The trend is clearly up, so buy-and-hold is the best strategy and trying to catch every dip will probably mean you are not invested when price spikes. No offense, but didn’t you make the same mistake as documented at the beginning of this thread?


You’re calling a 7% drop a crash? :joy:


It went down all the way to 45’ish. Sooooo that’s below what I sold it for. . . seems my intuition was right




what ever helps you sleep at night…i sold at 60 and I’m buying back now that its at 45…


LOL this troll actually made me laugh


Your a mean person


ikr they really are </3

btw ur so hawt <3


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Yo guys, so…

If the bitcoin hard fork isn’t going to happen. . . then what happens to LTC?

Will it just tank?

Cuz then. . . i’d feel bad :(. I’ve been rooting for LTC with u all since the start of this thread!

Even though I don’t have any right now. I was always planning on going back to LTC and hodling and cheering with Charlie and wearing the shirts and all that ■■■■


that’s anyone’s guess…we all saw what SEGWIT did to litecoin price alone…I personally think bitcoin will go to $5000 then back to $3500 then up again…I see 10k Bitcoin within a year easily as long as mining pools continue to play nice…Litecoin and Bitcoin are “My Precious” though…
I honestly think that the recent Ether hack made bitcoin and litecoin shoot way up…also Goldman Sachs news apparently had some influence as well from my understanding…Ether hack is more believable though…happened before and it happened again…now they don’t have any choice but to move to proof of stake b/c they just cant get the mining algorithm right because it uses outside chain information…which will not work in cryptography 100% unless there were a way to import the outside data to be confirmed on the blockchain first maybe…


I just bought my first litecoin at $45 a few days ago. I wish i would have gotten into it at $15 myself. I plan on holding the coins i have now and adding more gradually over the next few months.


I’ve been claiming free Bitcoin & I believe Bitcoin will reach $500,000 by 2030.

The market capital for all Cryptocurrencies rose from 6 billion in January to over 100 Billion in June. It’s becoming more adopted by the mainstream year by year. As more interest comes along, there is a higher chance of cryptocurrencies reaching the 1 trillion dollar mark in market capital. To newcomers, market capital is the total amount of USD/EURO and other currencies which are invested into Bitcoin & other Cryptocoins. Bitcoin tends to hold around half of this value but this is subject to change.

You can claim I’m ridiculous, but anyone who purchased £1,000 of Bitcoin in 2009 would be a multi millionaire now.

You certainly wouldn’t have expected Bitcoin to rise from $1 to $3000 in 8 years.

Not even amazon has seen that much growth as a multi billion dollar company which has one of the largest brands in the world. Since 1998 Amazon have gone from $1 a share to $1000 a share. That’s twice the time for a third of the gain.

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Invest wisely and for the long term. 3-7 years depending on your patience. Even if the coin dips it will recover and rise further than before. This has been seen constantly within the Crypto market place. Don’t constantly check the value every day as the fluctuations may panic you and cause you to sell at the wrong time.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m only starting and was interested in LTC so it all is not that simple