Why did you choose LTC?

Why did you jump onto LTC, guys? What was the primary force that moved you to choose this coin? Are you planning to keep working with it?

What a pity that nobody’s giving an answer :pensive: Wanted to know the statistical involvement.

Well, i’m a passionate gamer and esports fan and i somehow started betting on my fav teams (you can check this out if you were thinking about it too). And then the question arose - where to leave my money. I didn’t want to use unstable (in that period) btc, couldn’t just use my bank account, so i’ve asked few friends of mine who are familiar with crypto for advise. That’s when i heard about ltc and till now most of my savings are stored in lite :grimacing:

I suppose it’s one the coins worth of investing, it’s top cryptocurrency now, so no surprise that people just invest without any purpose because they just believe

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What do you think about LTC’s safety? Did you choose this coin due to it’s stability or security?

Do you play daily fantasy sports or it’s more about CS go competitions etc?

The competition is huge now but yeah ltc is worth taking a look at

How is it safer than many others?

Tbh, I don’t like fantasy sports at all. I’m all about watching real people play, not betting on machine’s algorithms, but from another point of view fantasy sports are more predictable as the outcome fully depends of team stats and eliminates the human factor and, therefore, make you think math when choosing your favorite

My main field is csgo, sometimes also dota, lol and hs

But it’s quite real, you just make your own predictions based on the stats and other fundamentals. It’s quite a fun for me anyway.

What about you? Why did you choose LTC?

I have not chosen it yet, I’m on my way to make a decision :slight_smile:

Good luck :wink:
I hope you won’t be disappointed in your choice

Good luck!

When a Coin does its marketing, we call it hype. When its not marketing, we accuse it as non active. We need to understand there must be some marketing element for the coin to be successful. Litecoin has met all my criteria to make it into my portfolio. It is decentralized. It is usable. It is working. It has an amazing team with amazing leaders, people with credentials, people who talk-the-talk, and walk-the-walk and not impostors and lunatics like many of the others. Some still argue that Charlie shouldn’t have sold his Lites. Please, wake the hell up! He doesn’t owe anyone anything. He doesn’t have to tell it like it is. But in all honesty and transparency - he did. So I would tell speculators and crypto rogues to shut their gap for their lack of understanding and ignorance.

It has done great marketing and is visible to the crypto world and to the profane outside of the crypto realm. It has been refined, proven, tested, by time and experience. It is fast. It is lite. It has good economical element pegged to it (eg. halvening), it has an amazing team both upfront and in the background, developers, marketers, all active in words and in deeds.

Now, focus is on fungibility and privacy. When that kicks off - :rocket::full_moon:

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I choose LTC because I can use it in the best online casino game AUTOMATENSPIELE X

Same reason here.

Bix Weir vid on why LTC is SO Important when Banks Fail - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMMT0sQbtuc
Bix says Litecoin will eventually have 4-to-1 parity with Bitcoin. Bix Weir knows more about Litecoin than probably anyone you will find regularly posting.

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Good luck with your choice. I’m still sticking with bitcoin and ethereum. Most esports fans use BTC for placing their bets actually. Despite BTC doesn’t have that faster block time, a lot of fans rely on them, maybe it’s because they’re totally secured, and most especially, they are widely used in the market. LTC’s block time is good too and they have a larger quota of coins than BTC.

I am using LTC because while playing in poker I pay with it. Or I have a casino that accepts the same payments in LTC. So for me it is way more profitable.