Why did you choose LTC?

As guy here said I also use ltc to play casino. It makes withdrawal of money much easier than dollars. I play at score88poker.bid and they have nice and very comfortable ways of withdrawing money. I chose ltc, because I had ltc wallet before and I found it quite useful. I recommend everyone this casino, because I have never had problems with it and you won’t be frauded by scam here.

What cryptos are you guys here investing on??? Litecoins, ethereum and BTC. I think BTC can be used more conveniently?

tbh I was a total newbie when I decided to buy some cryptocurrencies (just to try). I’ve bought some BTC, and shortly after as I have read about trading and investing I decided to diversify my portfolio. I didn’t do thorough research back then so I exchanged a part of my BTC for a couple of cryptocurrencies that had a nice price on the exchange that I use. Litecoin was one of them. As an LTC holder, I’ve read more about this coin and I guess it has strong support, a good price, so it’s not bad to have some litecoins.

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Crypto casinos are really good right now, but I also found a Malaysian casino and many other cool sites on the site https://wageringadvisors.co.uk/ and started playing there. In the first week I will be able to win more than $ 2,000, given that I have invested at least in the game

Yes, in my opinion, litecoin is one of the most promising currencies.