Was charged a %99.9 fee to send 11.64 litecoin! Help

I sent 11.64 litecoin from my Ledger to binance account. Only $1 arrived. Fee was 11.64 litrcoin. How is this possible? What can I do? I’m freaking out that I just lost $1500.

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OMG, that’s real? Which wallet do you use?

Yes. This is real. I have proof. A ledger wallet. It sent $1 to binance and split the rest off to another address. Says fee was 11.64 litecoin!

*it split it off. I sent it to one address and the address was correct. It created a second address on its own where 11.64 litecoin went.

Who do I contact? Is it hopeless? And how could a fee be this insane? Help!

share the txn id.

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like @Mopar_Mining said… share the tx of the transaction…

but I guess nothing can be done if the coins were sent to pay the fee.


It’s fucking nuts

lol that is your change address I think.

the fees were .00000292 LTC

it looks like you sent .00769586 LTC and the fee was 2.92 E-6 or .00000292 LTC

I dont understand. How do I find and access my change wallet?

should still be on the ledger. i dont use hw wallets so not sure how to find it but i use the core wallet and it does that, it uses all inputs every time, sends the payment i set and the rest to a change address.

In the Ledger support pages says “It is not possible to check which address is your change address in Ledger Live. You can check your Bitcoin change addresses using Electrum.”

Was I correct in saying it looks like it is a change address? and if so, would he not be able to verify the balance the ledger has still? In other words, the ledger should show that balance to him, shouldn’t it?

Yes, I think so. I don’t know if they don’t show the coins on change address… I found the info here https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033801034-Change-addresses

I still have no idea how to access these coins or where they are

unless you did a pay to many type of transaction, you should see only two outputs - 1 the address you paid and 2 the change address.

have you checked it as the link above suggests? in electrum?

Yes it shows it sent it to 2 addresses. But I have no idea where my change is and hiw to access it? Or why the change would be 11.64 Ltc?

I’ll download electrum but if the address starts ltc… how would it be there?