Wallet drained please help

Just checked my litecoin wallet public address for the first time in over a year, and found it empty.

I had 209 litecoin stolen,

I have never ever revealed my private key. I made the paper wallet on an offline printer, never ever used it. The only ever withdrawal was the last one where all 209 ltc were drained out.

Can anybody please help me follow these wallet address who took my litecoin in May 2018?

Here is my public address


I was buying ltc from coinbase in little amounts all the way to Feb 2018, I saved up 209 ltc.

Then 3 months later May 7 at 5:54:00 it seems all the deposits all went out again in one second.

It’s a complete reversal of my exact deposits.

Is there something wrong with my ltc wallet?

So where are my ltc now?

My wallet was fine for a long time, I paid into it from all sorts of places, even had strangers pay into my public key.

Never any problems

Then in May 2018 all transactions seem to be reversed, or something.

Has anybody ever heard of anything like this before?

please can anybody help me.

I thought litecoin was safe.

I had made 20 deposits into my wallet in all, it totalled over 209 ltc.

Then in May 2018 for some reason there were 20 identical size withdrawals exact same amount as my deposits all at the same time.

It seems they went to this wallet


I can confirm your wallet is empty

don’t ever deposit any new coins there.
Could you confirm when did you created your paper wallet and how did you do it?

Few years ago with an offline pc and offline printer

Is there any way to track that litecoin?

Is there a way o track that litecoin public address?

I need you to remember what was the wallet generator you used.

In fact, given that your paper wallet is now empty and you shuld never use it again, would you upload a picture --still covering all the private key parts?

If I remember correctly, there was an issue with some wallet generator sites being dishonest; may be that was what happened to you.

yes, you could “track” stolen litecoins, by clicking on each spending transaction and follow it.
depending on various factors, you might or you might not being lucky to find something useful.

All I have is a public key Nd then another, what can I do with this?

Is here’s anybody that could help me,

I want to get closure

I would offer 90% of any recovered litecoin, I still have my private keys

I would just like to know what happened.

I’m in Avery dark place, very down right now

I put everything into ltc, it’s worth over £20k or $30k

That is all my life’s savings I’m in my 40s

What the hell can I do now.

Is there anybody who can help me find out more information

what is the paper wallet website you used to generate your private key?

Can’t remember, is there a way to tell from the wallet itself?

Is there a way to look for an IP address from a public address?

How many people are mysteriously lost crypto and never finding out how?