To enable a LibLitecoin port of LibBitcoin: Please refer to a document of the Litecoin-Bitcoin protocol differences


This is followup of a previous conversation on FreeNode IRC #litecoin-dev and #libbitcoin with xinxi, shaolinfry and others.

Litecoin needs a port of LibBitcoin, as in,

  • A complete fully synchronizing Litecoin node implementation, together with
  • A programming library to effectively deliver Litecoin transactions, and
  • Console utilities to craft Litecoin transactions.

Therefore, a request for a port of LibBitcoin to Litecoin has been made.

LibBitcoin’s maintainer Eric Voskuil (evoskuil @ #libbitcoin) clarified that due to the great similarities between the Bitcoin and Litecoin protocols, it is possible that actually Litecoin support can be merged straight into LibBitcoin and that so, LibBitcoin could actually maintain LibLitecoin.

But, for this we need extremely good documentation of how the Litecoin protocol differs from the Bitcoin protocol.

This post is a request that you, the Litecoin community provides that!

Looking forward to your followup here!

Also, please do subscribe to the LibBitcoin emailing list ( ), and welcome to #libbitcoin on FreeNode ( ).


I discussed through this with Xinxi and he said that the LitecoinD repo is reconstructed from BitcoinD sources on each release and that the diff not is too big, e.g. current LitecoinD is based on BitcoinD 0.13.2.

Hello, we have a project Bitprim Project that is based on Libbitcoin, as part of our project we actively support LTC, so we have in final stage of testing a LTC Network Compatible engine based on Libbitcoin, I hope we can finalize the mining module this week and will be nice if we can find some LTC users to test our implementation. Thanks