Request to Litecoin community: A LibBitcoin to LibLitecoin porting effort


As the previous post, this is followup of a previous conversation with xinxi, shaolinfry and others on #libbitcoin-dev on FreeNode IRC.

Litecoin needs a port of LibBitcoin, as in,

  • A complete fully synchronizing Litecoin node implementation, together with
  • A programming library to effectively deliver Litecoin transactions, and
  • Console utilities to craft Litecoin transactions.

Central reasons to why Litecoin is not more widely in use, is that it is so difficult to access. LibLitecoin will be instrumental to solve that problem.

I will do some efforts to catalyze the creation of LibLitecoin.

evoskuil who maintains LibBitcoin might possibly be able to even implement the support himself, if he is informed about which the exact differences are between the Litecoin and Bitcoin protocols.

I brought this up on this separate thread just now: To enable a LibLitecoin port of LibBitcoin: Please refer to a document of the Litecoin-Bitcoin protocol differences

I think that thread is the first step in the effort of making LibLitecoin happen.

I ask Litecoin’s developers to take the creation of a LibLitecoin as a serious matter. Looking forward a lot to your timely followup.

Also I will follow up in this thread as soon as I see news.

Also, feel free to subscribe to the LibBitcoin emailing list ( ), and join in on #libbitcoin on FreeNode IRC for us to be able to chat directly.


Documentation at , ,
etc. .


We think libbitcoin is a good library. But we are now short of hands. Is it possible for you guys do change libbitcoin and make it compatible with Litecoin? There should not be too much workload given the similarity of the two.

Hi @xinxi ,

Yes we think that we can implement the update for LibBitcoin for it to support LTC, also.

The central challenge is that we don’t know exactly how the Litecoin protocol works (as compared to the Bitcoin protocol).

Who will write up/document and keep documented, the exact definition of the Litecoin protocol?

(At least we didn’t see any such document.)

Come to our IRC. I think we can help more there.

(I started this thread here specifically because shaolinfry suggested that I should move over the conversation from IRC to here. But sure we can move it back.)

Okay i’ll give it a shot. It will take more time however as we’ll need to be online at the same time and also I need to copy in evoskuil.

If you guys would mind joining over to #libbitcoin would be great too, at least that way he’ll get directly on copy now. Anyhow any way you like.

Okay, I have some good news - I just learned that a LibLitecoin fork of LibBitcoin already exists, should be announced in a bit, and as it looks will be absorbed into the LibBitcoin project by v4!

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Hello, I am Juan from Bitprim project we are developing a compatible client with LTC Network, we are in the last stages of testing and implementing the mining module, will be nice if we can find some LTC users to test our implementation and help us to debug and improve. Thanks!