Thoughts on Litecoin marketing

Well, accusing Charlie with crimes is not really positive.

That appears to be a quote from a news article. If anything, given his previous positive, informative posts, it is just reported information, not fud or fomo, giving Charlie a chance to rebuttal.

I looked through all his posts. They were all informative to positive.

From asking around, it appears a centralized action by one individual banned him from Reddit, Litecoin on Telegram (being informative rather than fud and prices), and just saw this morning, this site too.

An informative poster, not a fud or fomo person, but an informative, positive LTC person, gets banned. I searched and found nothing negative.

However, I did see fud-oriented people accusing Charlie of ridiculous things on Reddit and Litecoin on Telegram yet still posting?

No information, all fud, and they still post? I don’t get the lack of LTC marketing considering how good of a coin it is, I told him.

He agreed and wondered if maybe LTC has something positive to happen and doesn’t feel the need for community. Is that true?

They aren’t sequestered, the good informative posters are. It seems as the same moderator(s) are in all three.

He told me:
1- LTC has had no downtime since it started.
2-LTC has wide adoption only comparable to BTC
3- LTC has MWEB coming
4- LTC is being integrated with Flare

I learned these things in a brief message; he never said anything negative, didn’t fud or fomo, and still promotes facts on multiple coins.

It seems other coins communities, instead of banning, made him an admin of many rooms.

He still speaks well of LTC; he just said there wasn’t a good community for it. I mentioned this is a good one, he agreed, but I mentioned he still was banned, and he had no response.

That seems like a good community member to me while “crap,” as you call it in other rooms continue. He was glad to hear the negativity had not bled into here.

It’s mind-boggling how the enormous room accuses Charlie of horrendous things; Reddit promotes that Charlie owns the Telegram group, Charlie encourages the room, and nothing is done.

Maybe Jo is right; LTC has something significant coming and discourages a positive community.

If anything, good posters are sequestered here, away from the big rooms most see, not the other way around as you said. Note the posted images from the rooms.

So what colossal thing is happening with LTC to keep positive posters sequestered away from the main community rooms?

It has to be huge. I can’t think of any other reason, either.

I don’t know what happened, but you should have read further.

I think one of the admins here, who mostly are obviously colleagues and friends of Charlie, or even Charlie himself could have pulled trigger after this. I don’t say I agree with his suspension, but it is what it is. @Xinxi @losh11 @coblee
I don’t want to question the action of the admins, but if my memory serves, the suspended person, JoJopama, was mostly positive about LTC, though the quoted post was clearly directed against Charlie. Maybe you want to comment on it. If not, that’s fine with me.

The suspension of this user, is unrelated to this post. The user was orginally banned from Telegram over creating multiple accounts and brigading the @litecoin channel, and then inviting people over to their own ‘litecoin’ telegram. This group consisted of 1. planning to brigade the @litecoin telegram & 2. shilling other shitcoins.

When user was warned and banned (the user was banned mutliple times and unbanned after telling us they wouldn’t do it again), they would continue to create dissent within the community. This user consistenly attacks mods, users and others. From what I’ve heard, they’re even actively trying to dox me - this was months after I last in contact with them, or mentioned them. I don’t feel safe hosting this user on our forum. If you look at it from our perspective, it should start to make sense why the user was banned.

Charlie himself could have pulled trigger after this

This was not a removal/suspension by Charlie.

EDIT: forgot to say this. He’s also claimed that he’s going to report us to his friend in the FBI, and later also some other US government department.

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Thank you very much for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware, that he is usually incredibly patient with all the negativity he receives and he answers those comments, too. But as I didn’t know what happened, for the sake of completeness, I left open the possibility. Thanks again for your reaction. And of course, for the rest of your work, too. :slight_smile:

I just spoke with him. What Losh said is untrue. He had no multiple accounts. Look at his history. He has always had that name, until it was hacked recently, and he still goes by a variation of that name.

Also, since you brought up his name “Losh,” he went and told me what happened. Loshan wrote that based on the fudders fears, “he was afraid he would divide the community.” I saw screenshots.

Jo was nothing but polite while Losh had an apparent temper tantrum, threatening “to remove him from every room.”

Losh did so the next day from Reddit, Telegram, and this private room. He even showed me a screenshot from another admin that his ban “must have been a mistake as he was always positive and he would ask Losh.” That mod unbanned him, and Losh banned him again.

I read the message, Losh threatened him, not the other way around, and acted on it.

It seems Losh allows the fudders to accuse Charlie of awful things, will enable them to scare new owners to sell at a loss, telling people it will go to four dollars, yet banned Jo just like he promised from all forums.

Charlie and a developer named Craig were still coming into his room. He explained the room wasn’t built for chatter but proactive people to spread the news on other platforms, which they did. He said they had over 450 people, 3000 banned but reached millions weekly by talking about Litecoin elsewhere.

It seems Jo wasn’t a fomo person, certainly not a fudder, just wasn’t a yes man, and voiced his opinion yet open to discussion.

He spoke well of Charlie to me but said that he felt too many wouldn’t tell him the truth to have a rebuttal or help the community grow in a positive decentralized grassroots way.

He also wondered why Losh would not only threaten him (then acted on it) with centralized banning but also why a developer allows such negativity, “crap,” as you called it, as he moderates all three forums.

I like Jo’s decentralized approach of honesty, not fomo or fud, and like how he encourages people to educate others elsewhere, not build a vast room.

He still speaks well of LTC and said he enjoyed talking to Charlie privately until recently; although he could tell he wasn’t used to debates, Charlie was a good guy.

Like myself, though, he also wondered why he promoted @ litecoin, just as people on Reddit noticed three years ago, as you said when it was so harmful to new owners, were uninformed, filled with fud, and It didn’t represent the coin well at all. On Reddit I see he is well respected but he can’t get in the LTC forum after Losh’s false accusations and promise or even the xrp room.

He was right, the same developer above came here, but this time had to create even more false accusations again.

I’ve seen the old forum, read the Reddit posts, and caught his posts here; they are all informative and cheerful. Any negativity was a chance at a rebuttal to show the truth.

I had questions too, read the posts, asked him, and he was right; he was centrally banned on falsehoods that continue by one mod in all three forums.

Now he is an admin in many forums, well respected, still talks about LTC but just not as much as he discusses Flare.

Also, Loshes accusation I told him of shilling other coins along with the other allegations is false. His forum, I read the old platform; it was all Litecoin. He didn’t discuss other coins in any room until he was banned, he told me that, and I read it myself.

It has been interesting to dissect all thIs. And his words ring true.

He spoke honestly and still is, respected by many. He wasn’t a fudder or fomo; he spread need, expressed facts, open to debate, and encouraged the room to discuss litecoin elsewhere, not stuck in one room.

I guess he really likes LTC too, he said he enjoyed talking to Charlie for the most part, and was right about being attacked.

Interestingly his room/account was hacked after that, he started over and still speaks well of LTC when brought up.

He agreed with me that LTC must have something huge and positive coming to centrally control his presence and to discourage large positive communities.

So now I think LTC has a vast deal behind the scenes to ban such a person and allow “crap centrally.” What is LTC’s significant deal, can you tell us yet?

I saw no evidence of anyone being shilled another coin and not one person who said they were brought from the other room; more falsehoods by the same person.

Also I saw no post where Jo attacked anyone, only disagreed with certain fudders or threats by them, while he was the one attacked. It appears he was gaslighted and then his room hacked.

What is “doxxed”? It seems this person continues with accusations, which I found to be untrue, while Jo was globally banned, accused, channel hacked, and attacked in a message with threats that were followed upon.

I went on to the Telegram forum where Losh moderates too still today. Is this a community you want?

Check out Jo’s forum. No “crap” as you called it, no useless chatter, people are motivated to spread information, prices aren’t allowed to be discussed, and no giveaways to get members or asking for donations.

Jo’s room discouraged new members who just chattered or fud/fomo, had no giveaways, didn’t ask for money, and encouraged people to spread positive news, as he still does today.

Is there really something huge coming to LTC to destroy a room, hack a channel, centrally ban a person, and to allow such fud to this day in biggest LTC room?

The LTC room Losh moderates on Telegram:


The main LTC room is “crap” as you said. And it seems when Jo’s old room began to have a positive influence his channel was hacked after being threatened and shunned by Losh.

I like this small room, although it sequesters the positive people here, while Losh moderates all three. Odd.

Oh, no! The drama! LTC is doomed. :slight_smile: Sorry. It is still weird to me how obsessed you are with these forums and people. Of course, we are different, we find different things important and interesting.

I don’t find you weird at all.

Although, as you can see, I agree with you the largest LTC room is “crap”, and a good community member was vilified, and you do nothing to help either.

Like you, I don’t care about price.

I do care about how I’ve seen new people be told to sell, as seen in the snapshots in the main community, and a good person railroaded.

I like LTC so does Jo, as I saw him post good things about LTC today.

I see it odd that such a great coin allows their biggest community to abuse new owners, falsely accuse good members, and encourage people to sell.

****The image below is why he was kicked out because he said LTC could be staked with Flare. And guess what, Jo was right.

Now people on there call Charlie all kinds of names, something he never did from all the posts I researched. He always and still speaks well of Charlie.

You’re good with computers; search him, talk to him, he speaks well of LTC and is falsely accused, and now they are after Charlie while he promotes that forum!
It’s been interesting to read for myself and see the truth. Behind the drama is a need for a good community that adequately represents this great coin, not a forum that harms new owners or chases away good members.

I like this room; I wish it was bigger and promoted instead. I don’t see why it needs prizes to get the few members, though. Good members would be attracted to quality information and announcements about MWEB, adoption, etc.image

Very interesting. I agree with your points.

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Thank you. Many others clearly see it too.

Wrong thread, good luck.

Well, @coblee jumped in the room in the past 24 hours, and the discussion remained reasonable. I have seen one eth believer bashing LTC, but he was handled. I like how Charlie handles people. He understands, that people are frustrated because of the price. But he does what he believes in and in the long term it will be better for these people, too.

Haha, I saw that. Reasonable? I saw a change, less harassment and scams. They certainly calmed down, and no one was openly telling people to sell who just bought or trashing the coin. Have him go in under a different name and see a separate room.

I did see some harassing names get banned, but only for a day. The informative people who weren’t fud or fomo get permanently banned. Don’t you find that odd?

Fud, I don’t see the need to ban them or fomo unless they are harassing people or scamming, which is the norm. Informative people are the ones that get barred forever.

I’m not sure why you are focused on price. I just complained about informative people getting banned permanently and scammers being outright encouraged or only restricted for a day while informative people and those who are finished being scammed are removed.

It’s an odd room, but they did talk with him present and didn’t harass people.

He uses this group to represent him? They attack other groups, attack positive people, talk crap about Charlie and the coin when he isn’t there, and Chronically scam, Yet he promotes it?

The room has no information and often damaging to others while they attack people and other sites openly.

It’s unlike any other coin’s room.

Little to no discussion of fundamentals, adoption, and they ban people who do as seen for years (as you pointed out of one image.)

Fud and fomo is fine but useless; I don’t see a problem. But informative, positive writers are banned; that’s the problem; scamming, harassment, openly targeting people and other groups, and overall creating a bad image for LTC, “crap” as you called it, while he promotes it.

That’s a problem.

Follow up of this conversation that was split in two: Why is @Litecoin on Telegram promoted??

I have no idea why you are following that group so closely if it annoys you. You are also constantly cherrypicking and misrepresenting it.
This group can look very different in 5 years, one must let it develop. I don’t know why you are fixated so much on its present problems. In this you are a little bit similar to the people bashing LTC for its bad price performance.
And I’m not focused on price. But many people with lots of money in the game are. And it seems Charlie understands this more than you and he is way more understanding with those people in this regard.
I stop discussing this topic, you made up your mind anyway. We can come back to it in a few years and see if it really was such a big problem, or not.

It’s already been a few years, as you point out. I’m not “fixated,” but I do see a problem being endorsed.

A room that sickens many, encourages overlooks harassment, consistently scams, vilify good members, bans informative members permanently but only bans an attacker for a day. While they also harass other channels and rooms to the point of damage.

To top it off, Reddit communities and those in the region consider @ litecoin Charlie’s room since he endorsed it.

1-Chronic harrassment

2-If LTC developers are discussed it’s usually negative about Charlie, David B., Craig W and a Jay.

Losh is never spoken bad about yet he is centrally modding multiple LTC rooms

So a room that villified a good community member (I read all the posts including Losh’s tantrum message), a room that encourages nonsense over information, a room that openly scams and privately takes money from new owners, and you are for Charlie supporting it?

How about getting decent mods in there who catch the scamners, don’t vilify people and can admit wrong, who can speak truthfully to each other and actually have an informative group that people enjoy rather than be disgusted by the recommended room.

I know of prominent people there who admittedly destroyed another excellent informative room (hacked it) then claimed he was after them, made up Issues, typical gaslighting.

It has already been a problem for years, by your admittance. Also, you too called it “crap.” But Charlie promotes it.

Is Charlie going to tell what significant surprise he has to justify allowing Such a Damaging room, too many yet it goes on Existing as is?

I like litecoin; its fundamentals are exciting; the community has a high smell factor shunning/attacking good members while only temporarily banning silliness for a day, and attacking other rooms

I care what people think of LTC.

I’m sure you do too. Would you send a friend there knowing they can falsely accuse them, scam, create damage to their work , and for the most part, barely talk about the coin?

Conversation split: Why is @Litecoin on Telegram promoted?

Just as I said, I’m done with the topic. This conversation doesn’t lead anywhere.

Not if you already admit to the problem, acknowledge long-standing issues, see innocent people get harmed, see it as crap, know Charlie promotes it, and don’t care about the community’s most significant forum representation of the coin harming the coins reputation or people.

Maybe Jo’s right; they must have something big coming, or they would care about the lack of the positive community there and elsewhere, would not allow a developer to mod all three, ban from all rooms the informative, falsely accuse, and more, etc. They endorse attacking people and, in their minds, competing groups.

I’ve seen images of what they have done. They have presented only further excuses with no evidence as they attack positive channels and people.

Many community members care, want it better, or quit believing in the coin and their nonsense.

A bad reputation is hard to overcome unless something huge is coming. Is that it?

Is it cognitive dissonance and not wanting to rock the boat to protect others in the community? Or is their something huge coming to give reason not caring about the biggest communities damaging ways?