The Litecoin Foundation is giving away #LITECOIN leading up to its 10th Anniversay

Litecoin is celebrating its 10 year ANNIVERSARY!! (shh its in October but we’re starting now) We’re giving away Litecoin to 10 lucky winners! To win: Join the foundation & sign up for the Litecoin Card. #Litecoin10 This contest is currently open to US residents only since the card limits us to that, but sign up for the foundation as there’s more prizes on the way.

Check out there new home page and enter at

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I would but had to cancel my Litecoin card because they stated they would allow company accounts but then changed it and now do not.


After repeated attempts to get such a card …I gave up…emails saying that it works and yet account shows no way to get or setup bank or to setup card…just shows as ‘pending’ even now.

Not sure where the LTC Foundation finds these ‘fly by night’ half-assed attempts for LTC promotion…same for the Litebringer Game…lame, lame, lame.

Both IMHO, actually hurt the LTC brand more than they help at this point. :frowning:


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All excellent points, know we’re discussing these.

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@searing - you cannot set up the bank account but you should be able to buy the card for $10 - my issue was with their claim of zero fee for deposits and withdrawals - yet when I pointed out there is actually a fee (a very very small fee - one I wouldn’t even be upset about paying) I was told I was wrong, that I did not understand how blockchains work etc etc called a liar and then blocked by the LitcoinCard from Ternio on twitter. However, there is a fee with every deposit and withdrawal - the fee comes from when you send the funds to your wallet, they then transfer it to their wallet - and there is a transaction fee for that. I would then assume that when you spend funds, they would need to transfer funds back to your address incurring another small fee. My whole point to the guy before he went full retard mode was that the claim of “No Fees for deposits or withdrawals” was inaccurate. Ternio itself is a ■■■■ company. I just went thru a whole fiasco with them over my Ternio (Bitcoin) blockcard. I thought the account closed, the rep kept emailing me telling me my account was not closed as there were funds in it (something like $17) so I tried to get into the account for about 4 days - password would not work - the reset would not work - dozens of emails back and forth. Then suddenly, he said it was because my account was closed and was empty… I was like, then why the hell all the emails the past week or so? He only said oops, our mistake.


Looking forward to make it available worldwide.

Yeah…well …they again told me my account worked back in the day…it never did work kept saying pending…so all’s well that ends well…glad i did not go ‘rat in the maze’ with these guys…

lightbringer game still is the WORST game I’ve ever seen pretty much promoted by anyone
blockchain or not…actually think it may have driven folks to sell LTC HODL … man…can’t get
over how bad the game is…EVEN if the micro-transactions worked…sheesh…

mimblewimble is the only game in town…and it has been 3 years since announcement…sheesh…

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:moneybag: Happy early 10 year ANNIVERSARY!! :moneybag: Would love to see 10 more strong years!!! PICK ME


I signed up for the foundation anyway! Good luck to all :upside_down_face:

So now I created a LTC account I don’t get the 2LTC you promised

It is a ‘lottery’ :slight_smile:

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For those of you looking to join the contest… goto the foundation website

And click Enter To Win

The first prize is just open to US residents who sign up for a Litecoin Card. However, enter now as more prizes are on the way!


I just put a rasp4 full node into litecoin blockchain…

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Good luck to all, I just want you can buy all and always think about “Save” Remember that time passes very fast.
If I could buy, save something to leave my son and I would buy 1 pizza with a pretty mozzarella cheese.
It is not a joke, it is seriously, but always keep

happy anniversary… looking forward to making it available all over the world.

Happy 10 years Aniversiry

woooooow :tada:

I live in Turkey and I submitted my e-mail adress. Do not I have chance to win Litecoin?