The favorite wallets

I started using different wallets. I think it’s good way to diverse own funds. Is anybody who keeps money in the same way? Also, I guess this article deserves your attention Top 6 Multi-Currency Crypto Wallets 2021 - Ultimate Guide by Cryptogeek. It describes different offers, like freewallet or Coinomi. What’s your favorite wallets? I think the Coinomi has got the best interface, but freewallet has a good support. What’s your choice?

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I prefer the wallets or services where the set up is non-custodial - pretty much the only thing I care about.

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Personally, I use Exodus wallet. I went for it because I usually see it on ads and I saw that it has a lot of reviews compared to other crypto wallets. I like that it is cross platform and it’s suitable for different coins. Really use to use, I continued using it after I tried it because it was really user-friendly. If you’re having a hardtime with choosing or planning to get one here’s an article I’ve been reading for a while now.

~ Crypto Wallet Types - Learn Crypto


Just a heads up, telling the internet which wallet software you use could be a OpSec risk.

Have used multi-currency wallets before and would rate Coinomi > Exodus > Trust wallet from my experience in there, but overall it is always ideal to have one wallet for each unique crypto.

This also avoids people putting ‘all the eggs into one basket’ as in all your coins under one seed phrase/private key.

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If you have wallets NOT to recommend, please do contribute to this thread I started a couple of months back

I keep everything on binance and I am not worried

I’m doing the same thing

Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

Hot wallets, especially exchanges and web wallets are a risk, a consistent one. Cold storage is better and hardware wallets are the best. Exchanges are the ‘custodians’ of your coins, you don’t have the private keys.

Not your keys, not your coins.


I think Atomic Wallet is good because it’s easy to use and also non-custodial wallet too.

Best multicoins AND non-custodial ranking:

  1. Coinomi (best)
  2. Exodus
  3. Atomic

Some coins/tokens are not available in Coinomi, so Exodus and Atomic are good complements.

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I’m unsure whether to have multiple wallets or just the one so good to see people’s answers

I have a few, but SafePal and Metamask are my favourites so far

I have a few but mostly use Safepal

I have started using IOPay too since I got into IOTX. Pretty good, but a little complicated to use at first.

I’m using the same so would be interested in others

Following this thread as I am interested to here other people’s experience. Never really considered having more than one wallet but I guess that could be me being a little naive to the risks involved.

Cake wallet. I use Electrum-LTC on desktop and import the mnemonic phrase into cake wallet on mobile.

I use Exodus personally and am happy with it. Can store and stake a number of the coins I own there too.

my favourite wallet is lite-wallet [dot] io (replace “dot” with “.”.
its mobile wallet.

Not the best idea for sure. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: