The favorite wallets

I started using different wallets. I think it’s good way to diverse own funds. Is anybody who keeps money in the same way? Also, I guess this article deserves your attention Top 6 Multi-Currency Crypto Wallets 2021 - Ultimate Guide by Cryptogeek. It describes different offers, like freewallet or Coinomi. What’s your favorite wallets? I think the Coinomi has got the best interface, but freewallet has a good support. What’s your choice?

I prefer the wallets or services where the set up is non-custodial - pretty much the only thing I care about.

Personally, I use Exodus wallet. I went for it because I usually see it on ads and I saw that it has a lot of reviews compared to other crypto wallets. I like that it is cross platform and it’s suitable for different coins. Really use to use, I continued using it after I tried it because it was really user-friendly. If you’re having a hardtime with choosing or planning to get one here’s an article I’ve been reading for a while now.

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