Litecoin wallets to AVOID

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I see a bunch of posts on the forum, and elsewhere, of people asking for wallet recommendations / asking if a specific wallet is trustworthy.

I propose the inverse, a thread where we list the wallets new users should not trust or use for their LTC. Regardless whether they are custodial and non-custodial wallets (new users: not your keys, not your coins).

Contributions welcome from all, please supply sources and reasoning for why you believe that wallet is not trustworthy.

Will update the thread as contributions come in.

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Web wallet made by Someguy123 (a real dev) but the code itself has not been updated in 6 years (github link below).

Never used the service, have always been wary of web wallets, so would add this to the list. That said someguy123 has been and continues to do amazing dev work for LTC and I trust the intention was right at the time of releasing this service.

Would be awesome if we could give some feedback from @someguy123 as I am curious as to the state of the service and the website

Github code repository: GitHub - Someguy123/LiteVault: LiteVault - Secure Online Litecoin Wallet

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Sorry beware of web wallets…IMHO.

I use only Paper Wallets in that I HODL LTC/BTC/Crypto …I have a couple of altcoins likat have

only seed wallets like Siacoin and Lisk…but only because no legit paper wallets available.

If I need to do anything to ADD to a wallet the public address is listed on my bookmarks to move

or whatever from coinbase or what not. If I want to take some crypto out…I have to walk down to

the bank/safety deposit box and pull it and put it back on such actions. usually stupid in 20/20

hindsight in taking any crypto to usd…but there you have it. The reason for the safety deposit box is

mainly FIRE…hard to lose the stuff in big ass fire in a vault at the bank. IF a metorite hits the bank

and I lose all …well the crypto gods in their ‘mirth’ just want to screw me and doomed anyway.

I DID try to use a Trezor…on an update it stopped working…luckly I had nothing on the Trezor

at the time was just updating for use…the update never took…when I contacted Trezor they said I had

to use another computer besides my Alienware 17 r4…they said high end gaming machines had more

voltage than the Trezor liked…and would not work on such after this update. I asked if they planned to

fix it and they said too small of a pool of computers affected and they did not plan a patch for such.

Thus, just put the empty trezor in the safety deposit box and went back to paper wallets…the ONLY

way to go…IMHO …again, IF I would have had another windows machine I could have used the trezor

on such…I have a old laptop i drag around for web use and a hacked togther desktop also mainly for

web use …simply because they were about the house (bsmt/den) so why go to the computer room and

fire up the win 10 machine…I have saved a lot of $$$ on ONLY getting iobit protection software and

paid avast antivirus and the rest on the ONE windows machine…on stuff that needs windows…So I

also suggest if you have ANY unable to update beyone Win XP computers …mainly laptops…don’t

throw them away…simply download unbuntu O/S…I know zip about the O/S

I simply install…and the Unbuntu shows up (also lite versions of this for really old computers) and firefox

browser pops up…says something like 500 updates…you do so…and a fine little machine for www use

etc. There are no notable viruses so no issues there…you hit a button it updates all…at the very least

if you have an old laptop or computer ad mentioned above …say a laptop that can’t be run on anything

older then win XP…put this on…update it and toss it in the closet…a year from now when windos blows

up you simply fire it up …hit the button which promptly says 800 installs…fix such reboot and you at least

have a way to get on the web and your gmail till the windows machine gets fixed or whatever new

windows build gets done…the relief of having 3 machines that could run windows but only needing to h

ONE machine…is epic…no fuss …no muss…no malwarebytes or avast pro or other costs…slick.

I don’t have the skills to jump into unbuntu at all…just use the desktop…anyway i type really, really

fast thus the length here and off tangent…but anyway…was turned off by the trezor support

and also the hack of the other main hardware wallet Ledger a while back…sure I could have used

another computer with the trezor…but why bother if you are in crypto HODL mode…When I use

crypto I just get on www.coinbase (or now paypal i guess I could) and use fiat …convert and pay.

If your gonna HODL…well … HODL


A new one: CoinsBanks


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