Solo Mining vs Pool Mining


I’ve abandoned this experiment, I am back on

Many of us using this setup have found blocks. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to maintain and does not seem reliable at scale (e.g. 100 or more L3+ units).

I will be revisiting solo mining using this software in the future: Miningcore


nehgekim, this is one of the best posts I’ve found on the topic of solo vs. pool mining. You should put up a donation address so people who find this in the future can thank you for spending almost 3 months of your time not earning income from a pool just to explore the idea and write about it.


Good idea.

Donation address: LaY9tLS9DmbW5FXpnXYCSjVL3hTB7xyLsQ :pray:


How long did it took to find the LTC block(s)? Can one calculate this on given constant hashrate and if yes how to?


I varied. You can use the to estimate time to block. Expect there to be 2-5x variance meaning the time it takes you to find a block is likely to vary by 2 to 5 times whatever that calculator says (also goes both ways so it could take 1/2 to 1/5 as much time too).


It depends, you can use to get an estimate but you should expect the observed estimated time to block to be 2 - 5 times higher (or lower) since it’s stochastics.

Also noticed I messed up my donation address here when I posted it :confused:

Shamelessly posting it again :pray: LaY9tLS9DmbW5FXpnXYCSjVL3hTB7xyLsQ


Litecoin mining still profitable ?


It depends on many factors, I don’t recommend solo mining though.


Меня тоже интересует соло майнинг разных новых монет. Самое печальное, современные майнеры (софт) не поддерживают GBT, только стратум. Так что либо соло на старых монетах, либо свой стратум пул. Меня интересует больше zcoin(lyra2z), xvg (lyra2r2, blake2s).


Thank you so much to sharing this nice informative post.
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Someone convinced me to give this another try… Just set up to use this time around… feels more stable (built on .NET with a PostgreSQL backend) will see how it goes…


How many A4+ did you used to find 2 blocks of litecoin on UNOMP…?


Nice been watching your progress and looking forward to the feedback!


Thanks @KevinRhino, always hoped others would end up here and learn for the experience. I’m giving it a final go, throwing all we got at this. Using a new pool software that supports PPLNS. My colleagues are pointing their machines at it, we’re hoping to prove/disprove this quickly, I even bought some hash off Nicehash just to help expedite things.

If anyone’s interested in throwing some hashing power behind this to help with the test, message me. We have PPLNS set up so you will get a reward.


Ok cool ill point my L3+ at you pool


You rock @KevinRhino! PPLNS is setup. We send 0.1% to the pool software developers (because they deserve that) and we have a 1% fee implemented just so we can actually test that function out when we find a block.


Port: 3042 (Nicehash on port 3043)
Username: Your Litecoin address
Password: Your Litecoin adddress


Cool let’s see how it goes, all connected


Sweet, we’re pushing 1 THS right now :crossed_fingers:


Good news! We found a block! It was my Nicehash setup that struck the block but @KevinRhino, you should still get a payout. We’re not sure how the payouts work yet since this is the first time we’re doing it but I’ll make sure that address gets a bonus.



Wow awesome nice going, got the payout thanks very much!