Solo Mining vs Pool Mining


привет nehgekim.

Я сдаю свой L3+ в Nicehash… сомневаюсь что мой шахтер смог найти 3 блока именно в LTC сети.

Но я проводил эксперимент и покупая мощность в NICE всего на 5 часов я смог найти блок!
жаль, но это был не SOLO. я знаю только aikapool где с успехом добываю периодически монеты в соло на скрипте…

к сожалению я не могу направить мощность на aikapool потому что nicehash говорит что пулл слишком слабый.

Если ты знаешь как сделать твой пул сильным чтобы направить мощность, я уверен что solo возможно!

PS: надеюсь ты меня заметишь…



Good timing. I actually directed some hash power to my solo pool thinking I could expedite things, I directed about .1 THS for about 6 hours.

I was actually really disappointed because I didn’t find any blocks, not on LTC or any of the merge mined chains I was mining (Viacoin, Dogecoin, Myriadcoin). So, this made me doubt my setup… I tested on the testnet and mined coins so I’m not sure what’s wrong with mining on the mainnet?

I plan to back off of merge mining all 4 chains and just try to get Dogecoin and Litecoin working. Will probably put down another .05 BTC for testing with Nicehash, seems like a good way to go.

@friker, if you have the resources and want to help me test out the setup using some rented hashpower from Nicehash, I could really use the help, I don’t have a lot of extra BTC laying around to keep renting out hashpower to test this but I was able to verify that my solo mining setup will accept hashes from Nicehash alright.


Увы но у меня нет лишних BTC на эксперименты.
Но у меня есть оборудование. L3+ 2 штуки. и я могу дополнительно попросить своего друга подключиться к вашему SOLO от вас мне нужны настройки для асика.

По моему мнению у вас есть где-то ошибка. Попробуйте сделать соло на “moon coin” (эта монета не такая сложная как LTC) - дабы убедиться что ваш код верный.

я уже знаю “стратегию” добычи mooncoin… отлично добывается на aikapool ! за 24 часа я нахожу примерно 7-17 блоков. мой хешрейт 1300 mh. это примерно на 20% выгоднее чем LTC в режиме pps… ну и конечно профит зависит от опыта торговли :wink:

PS: Я не понимаю почему найс не дает возможность подключаться к aikapool?
PSS: лучше поговорить в приватной беседе. например в telegram.


Я давно ищу подходящий пул solo для LTC… как у вас получилось сделать пул который прошел по сложности в nice ?
я думаю есть ошибка.

На одном из форумов я находил ребят которые сделали SOLO на монеты совсем свежие где сложность добычи очень низкая и можно сделать очень хорошие балансы.


If you or anyone else has extra hashing power to help test this out, I’ve opened up some ports. Feel free to connect, make your worker name your LTC address and I’ll tip. Only could do static difficulty so try to pick an appropriate difficulty for your speed:

stratum+tcp:// (diff = 131072, good for +500 MHS miners)
stratum+tcp:// (diff = 8192, good for ~100 MHS miners)
stratum+tcp:// (diff = 256, good for < 50 MHS miners)

Vardiff didn’t really work out for me so I just created a few ports based on difficulty for my machines.

I’ve tested on the testnets and it worked fine. Thanks for the Mooncoin tip but I just want LTC working. Most interested in support the LTC network.


Thanks, MMSBtpj2VW3soEacxoGZ9kpq2US8BoGbRV for the hashes.

Tried to tip with LTC, looks like an invalid address…

Will check again later to see if I see a valid LTC address and send a tip you’re way.

Was messing with the server and took it offline a bit today in case you noticed any interrupts.


You’re welcome. No need to tip unless you find a block. Just want to help your project. The address is off my Ledger, so I dunno why it doesn’t work. I’ll use the address off my LTC Core wallet instead.


Ah, I use LTC Core wallet and it just flashed red when I put it in.

I’ll send a lil something something.

I had another moment today where I was like, this is BS I gotta go back to pool.

Your support kept this project alive, I think I would have killed it tonight if it was for that other worker showing up. Thank you! :pray:

I am skeptical of the merged mining on so many chains. I only tested DOGE and LTC but in production, I was mining Dogecoin, Litecoin, Viacoin, Myriadcoin. Wasn’t hitting any blocks after over a week (Viacoin est. time was like 1 week) so I’m kind of skeptical of the setup. Rolled back to just Litecoin and Dogecoin for now.



Rock on! Thanks @friker


Big thanks to those who’ve donated some hashing power :tada: Keeping the exeriment going.

Make sure you’ve got a second pool configured because I will perform maintainence every now and again on the server so it might cut out.

stratum+tcp:// (diff = 131072, good for >= 500 MHS miners)
stratum+tcp:// (diff = 8192, good for 50~100 MHS miners)
stratum+tcp:// (diff = 256, good for < 50 MHS miners)


Может помните, где находили этих ребят и эксперименты с SOLO?


I have not found a block, but a colleague of mine running the same setup on a VM in their data center has reported that they’ve found two blocks since setting up.

They run mine with ~100 GHS so they’re estimated time to block is reported by as 2 days 6 hours (at 4.6M difficulty).

They’ve opted to deploy this on a machine in there data center and they see about a 1.5 ms latency from their mining units to their pool which is much better than the ~5-10 ms latency experienced using a remote pool.

Currently, they’re not set up for merge mining, they’re just running the original setup. They plan to set up a second pool to try merge mining on without disrupting their current setup.


ошибся. не соло.


Week 10
Expected Time per Block = 82 days 06 hours
Pool Speed = 2.8 GH/s
Blocks found = 0

I’ve gone back to the merge mining setup. A few people have committed some hashing power to the cause. Hopefully, a block will be found soon.

Other miners I’ve been working with have found blocks, these miners run much larger operations (10 GHS - 100 GHS). Based on some information I’ve found on Powerpool’s Documentation, I increase the maxconnection set in the Litecoin daemon and I also increased rpcthreads. I suspect these small adjustments will make a difference.

We’re all seeing a high variance in time between finding blocks. It’s difficult to really know if the setup is busted or if its just variance. Whenever we go longer than the expected block time, everyone gets anxious.


This was fun to read honestly.
I have one of those Moonlander 3-5 GH/s and wanted to SOLO mine to see if I could hit the lottery.
So many posts that are old about pointing your miner to your wallet for LTC just did not work.
I see now… Miners use Stratum Protocol and wallets use GBT. Thus why you have to setup a local pool.
I have 2 Moonlanders. Are you still looking for help hashing?

Anyway, while I mostly use Windows, I know how to use Linux (Ubuntu) and am fine with following instructions. In fact I have a Mini PC running Ubuntu (Minix Z64). Thinking of doing this and don;t care when I hit a block but think it’s WTH… Why not. Lottery games :slight_smile:

FYI I have a friend with a Moonlander using LBTC solo pool and he hit a block in one week. TALK ABOUT LUCKY!



I’m glad you enjoyed it, maybe you enjoyed it enough to send me some litecoin :sweat_smile:


Do it! Support the Litecoin network!


I would if i had some. Currently mining on the litecoin pool. I have not made enough yet for a payout :frowning:
It’s going to be a month before I get there for minimum payout.