Solo Mining vs Pool Mining


You’re welcome! I feel like you just earned in one day what you would normally make with that L3+ in one month :money_with_wings: Pay it forward!

Still, I don’t recommend solo mining. This is still all very experimental. Also, I can’t guarantee that if other miners connect to our pool they will be rewarded, the PPLNS payment mechanism on this pool software is strange.


We’re running an experiment now where we’re putting head to head with this solo mining setup to see which comes out more profitable. We’re trying to control for as much as possible while at the same time accepting that we don’t have unlimited funding. The setup is as follows:

Hypothesis: We will earn more reward solo mining (as compared to mining on

Experimental Setup: We have a 200 Ghs working at and another 200 Ghs working solo. Over the next few weeks, we will compare the rewards earned from both setups.

Funding: We’re really hoping that the solo mining setup will earn enough to keep it sustainable for at least a month (ideally it will be perpetually sustained) while we collect numbers. I am pumping in an initial 25 LTC (plus I have a colleague that put up 12.5 LTC) so we can get the hash power needed for this experiment from Nicehash. Anyone who is willing to help us fund the experiment, please get in touch!

Special thanks to Exoblock for helping out with funding here.


Yes earnings maybe even more than a month, will help out with the experiment as best i can, just great to be part of it.


Hello, I am also interested in solo mining. Is there somewhere any step by step guide how to set up solo mining on L3? Thanks


I don’t recommend solo mining.


Why not? difficulty and low hashrate of L3?


This ended up being a failure…


Yes. You will regret it… learn from my experience and don’t solo mine.


This wasn’t a total failure, we did find blocks it’s just that I don’t have the funding to sustain this and every time I’m not lucky I get crushed since I’m getting a good amount of hash from rental.

Just wanted to give a shoot out to the colleague from Exoblock that has been helping with this experiment (at times providing nearly 1 THs of power to support experiments). They’ve got 100kw of capacity left if anyone is looking for colocation, hit them up [email protected]. None of this research would have been possible without them.


This is a pity but I’m sure you’ve learnt plenty from this and others can read about your experiment


Yes, I’m working on setting this up to try Verge which has a shorter estimated time per block. Same experimental setup, different coin. The Verge blockchain just takes days to download… it’s no Litecoin, thats for sure.


After doing some research into Verge, I decided that coin is a joke…

  • forked from Dogecoin (seriously…)
  • the creator seems sketchy AF
  • the development team seems to be clueless about all things privacy/security (recently hacked)
  • not interested in associating/support a currency that seeks to partner with pornography sites

Started to experiment with Gamecredits instead, still no Litecoin… but at least I can mine a block in a reasonable amount of time given my budget.


Please i need real wallet for litecoin



Thanks so much! God bless you


One advantage to pooled mining is that you get to use the pool’s tools. These include things like web-based control panels, alerts, and so on. If the difficulty doesn’t increase before mining a block, then solo mining is more profitable, because the pools normally take fees. Otherwise, pool mining is more profitable. Also, if you are looking for advertising your business on a crypto-based advertising platform then Adconity is the platform you need as it is a user-friendly bitcoin-based advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive pricing options.


Yes, solo mining is better you should do it because I have been reading recently and read some article which got me worried about pool mining. example [email protected]/massive-monero-mining-fraud/


I wouldn’t be so quick to draw that conclusion, the article here is about how a researcher estimates that 5% of all Monero mined was mined maliciously (e.g. botnets, coinhive, etc.). They aren’t saying that the pools are being malicious. Though it’s probably safe to assume some pools might not be honest about their fees, no real way to audit that.

I could see how solo mining could be attractive but based on all my experience, there is really no gain from solo mining. In fact, solo mining has proven worst than pooling since you have to spend a lot of time and money on setting up you’re own pool.