Sent LTC to BTC address....(CXOP please help!)

Using coinbase, sent 3.67 LTC to a BTC address in cxio by mistake (i know, i know, stupid mistake, however their service recognised it as a bitcoin address, dunno why it was accepted!!). The transaction shows as confirmed but the deposit into the BTC shows as unspent.

I’ve contacted both coinbase and cxio but havent heard back. Is there a way to recover the LTC back to the LTC wallet?

my BTC address: 3N7NVK62K5WxdKRi6U27tUnkrrxT1WpAt3

The output address doesnt match my litecoin wallet in coinbase, i imagine it was made from an internal one.

Thank you!

don’t worry…it will never confirm…if using core just right click the transaction and click abandon transaction

but coinbase will return your funds within 30 days if no confirmation ever happens…they suck at replying to customers too…sorry to say but using online wallets is a nightmare when one makes a mistake…guarantee coinbase will have your coins back to you…just keep e-mailing them and don’t expect a reply for about a week…

coins will probably be back in your wallet before you even get a reply to an email with coinbase

Thank you, I sure it works out that way, not using core unfortunately.

What´s strange is that on the link I sent, the transaction shows as confirmed, I see that there is one outgoing address to two receiving addresses (only one of them is mine and it´s unpaid). Does this change anything you mention?

Thanks again.

it all depends on what their server says…if it is showing unpaid then it is still pending and will get canceled by them sooner than later I’m sure…

The same happened to me yesterday. I have sent LTCs to the BTC address of my Trezor wallet. In coinbase, the transaction is “complete”, but in my wallet I see nothing. I sent an email to the coinbase support team. I hope to get my LTCs back.

Do they show the transaction ID for your “complete” transaction? I’m curious to take a look at that.

What is a little worrisome is that in asismorodo’s transaction, you can actually see 3.67 LTC confirmed in the blockchain at his BTC address:
This makes me think that coinbase will simply say “Yep, we definitely sent 3.67 LTC - it’s confirmed in the blockchain, so there is nothing we can do now”

If that were to be the case, the only way I can see to get the coins back would be to load the private key for the BTC address into a LTC wallet.

I am new to this and am hoping you can help me out. Today I stupidly sent Litecoin from Coinbase to a Bitcoin address generated by my Nano S (395ht9Puzn5nkcun8sWGFFW13VVZT5K2gq).

I soon realised my error and when I logged into my account on Coinbase to check the status of the transaction, I notice that it had completed (

I have read various threads on here and on reddit about obtaining the private key in order to recover the LTC but still don’t understand how to do it.

What is the best way to get the LTC back and how exactly do I do it?

Thanks in advance.

it wont confirm on the blockchain…contact coinbase customer support at and tell them about it…they do take a very very long time to respond…up to a month sometimes…however…any transaction on coinbase that does not confirm or get redeemed after 30 days goes back to the account it was sent form so I am sure that even if you do not hear form them that you will get your coins back in your account…

Hi, thank you for your message. I did contact coinbase twice and this is what they said:

"Thanks for contacting Coinbase support.

Unfortunately, digital currency transactions using most blockchains are irreversible, meaning once they are sent there is no way to reclaim funds.

If you sent digital currency from your Coinbase account to an email address by accident, your funds will be returned to you in 30 days if the funds remain unclaimed. If the email address has not already been claimed, you could do so to ensure the funds are returned to you.

If the transaction does not confirm within 24-48 hours, it’s possible the transaction may be rejected by the network, causing the funds to return to the original sending wallet. In this case, the transaction would need to be attempted again."

As you can see it says that if i send digital currency it to an “email address” by accident it would be returned in 30 days and if not confirmed in 24-48 hours it would also be returned however it has been confirmed and I didn’t send it to an email address.

I am reading about a method involving downloading litecoin core and then importing the private key from Nano S into the new core wallet to retrieve the coins. What do you think about that?

I sent litecoin to a litecoin gold address. It had 6+ confirmations, before I discovered it. How can I get my ltc back, pls help me.

There is no such thing as Litecoin Gold…and Bitcoin Gold has not been forked yet…do you mean you sent Litecoin to a bitcoin Cash Address starting with a “C”?

Dont expect a reply from coinbase for at least 30 days…

Thanks bakd247, there is litecoin gold now it is trading on coins exchange. Here is the ltg address I sent ltc to.

wow this is news to me…I would not buy it though only because it is pointless to me…no volume at all and only 4 exchanges have it…and you cant even exchange for dollars…
I’m sorry to hear about this…honestly I am…it really breaks my heart to think someone would fork litecoin to a 8 mb blocksize because that is the last thing litecoin would ever need…there is no problem with litecoin block size…if that is what they are doing…honestly I have not read up on it and that is just an assumption…
Crap for volume too…because its new? more than likely because there is no need or demand for a litecoin gold anyway…
CoinExchange LTG/BTC $10,123 $0.003464 84.31% Recently
2 EtherDelta LTG/ETH $1,674 $0.003515 13.94% Recently
3 CoinExchange LTG/ETH $210 $0.003060 1.75% Recently
4 IDEX LTG/ETH $0 $0.009165 0.00% Recently

Back to your initial question…sorry for venting like that…
being that Litecoin and bitcoin are similar in every way but the hashing algorithm you may be able to try this from another post on here as long as you have the private key for the address:
You’re going to need a fully synced Litecoin-qt install for this to work, which may take 5-10 hours.

  1. Open up this page,, and
  2. Copy your private key into the Wallet Details tab on Scroll to the bottom and copy the “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):” value.
  3. Go to the page and move around your mouse until the Wallet Details tabs appears. Put in the hex key from the previous step in here.
  4. Select and copy the compressed WIF key (NOT the one starting with 6). Also keep note of the “Litecoin Address Compressed” from the first half of the page (starting with L)
  5. Open up Litecoin-qt, then head into the debug console.
  6. Run importprivkey “” (with quotes).
  7. Once the import finished, run addwitnessaddress “”.
  8. Wait for this import to finish as well. Take the M-address from the console and use this tool to convert it to a 3-Address.
  9. If the funds haven’t shown up yet, close Litecoin-qt.
  10. Restart Litecoin-qt along with a rescan. This varies by OS, and in most cases will happen automatically if you wait for 10 minutes or so before restarting.

unless you used a trezor or something…they apparently have their own method for recovering sends to wrong address’…seen here:

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Lol. I perfectly understand you venting. It makes no sense having countless coins these days, that actually have nothing new to add to the crypto world.
Thanks for the detailed explanation. I actually was sending from cryptopia to coins exchange. So I don’t have the private keys.
I do appreciate your response.

Hi Asismorodo,

just wanted to check if you got LTC’s back to your coinbase account?
I too accidentally sent LTC to a BTC address while purchasing CRPT, on the blockchain the transaction seems to be complete but on blockcypher i can see my LTC’s are still unspent.

On contacting Coinbase they informed that it will be back to my COINBASE wallet if not claimed within 30 days.

Did you got you LTC back? let us know.


Hi sir pls help me I have sent 10 LTC just 3days , I have sent from to cryptopia , still I have not received in the wallet , kindly suggest What to do, kindly reply ,what is required for retrieveing, sir pls get me out this problem

Hello, nope, havent even gotten a response from Coinbase.

I did hear back from saying that they could not help me with the private key to generate the LTC wallet with the same address like cxop suggested.

It´s been over 3 months now, I have pretty much lost hope, it was 250€ when it happened but with the recent increase of LTC its aproc 1000€.

Tha only conclusion that I get from this other than checking the address five times before sending is that COINBASE SUPPORT SUCKS! They even had the guts to send me emails asking for “responsible trading”…

I just switched to CEX.IO and pretty happy, eventhough their support did take a long time, at least the got back to me.

Hello Bakd247,
Thank you for helping me the other day on my litecoin recovery. Pls can same processes/steps be used for Bitcoin recovery too? A friend mistakenly sent Btc to a Bch account.
Thanks alot.

Again…bitcoin and litecoin networks cannot communicate with each other…if you sent to a 3 address in the litecoin block chain then that’s where the coins are…
Go to and click “block explorer”…now select litecoin and enter your 3 address…there are your coins

If u created this address using a bitcoin wallet…then just import the private key into your litecoin wallet and start litecoin from command prompt with the rescan flag like this if using windows:
Litecoin.exe -rescan
Or Linux:

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