Sent LTC to BTC address....(CXOP please help!)

I also stupidly sent 0.31 BTC to a LTC address. It was from BTC wallet in Bitstamp to LTC wallet in Bitstamp. Litecoin address is multisig starting with ‘3’, transaction is confirmed.
Can anybody please help me, if its possible to recover my coins? Bitstamp support is not responsing till now. Thx.

Very same situation here. It’s so easy to confuse one address with the other on Bitstamp… Let me know if and how they solved your problem.

Had litecoin sent from Coinbase to my bitstamp btc address by mistake 1e30c11c4c7eaf07610a7f2c2ae1f79163878703fed1d6d77559a78b02a42e19 what do I need to do to recover funds any help available would be great

bakd247, God Machine’ll bless you! You saved one almost dead soul.Thank you!!!

Happy to help