Sending litecoin to bitcoin wallet on coinbase

I sent some litecoin in coinbase to my bitcoin wallet on coinbase and not showing in wallet after 24 hours Does this kind of transcation take that long?

I don’t now because I a new men in this site

If you sent Litecoin from coinbase to Bitcoin address on coinbase, your sent litecoins are lost forever.

Coinbase warns that everytime you deposit funds.


The same thing has been happening to a lot of people, not just BTC transactions, but LTC too. My transaction was in the “pending“ state for 8 days, it finally went through today. I’ve received no word from support, however. I guess it doesn’t matter now, but the customer support is definitely something Coinbase has to work on. I love Coinbase, wouldn’t want to see it go down because of frustrating problems like these.

assuming you sent it to your litecoin wallet on coinbase…then your transaction fee being low is the only reason it would be held up at all…the lower the fee…the longer a confirmation will take
and BTW
coins are not lost forever if you send litecoin to a bitcoin address…all you did was send it to a litecoin address…
the 2 networks canNOT talk to each other…
if you have the private key to the wallet that you sent the coins to…then you can get them back…but if you dont have a private key then you will more than likely not get them back

hello can you help me I have the same problem of this person Unlock my LTC wallet - Noob! - #3 by tracyk and you say you can recover the password when you charge for the service? I have 3 litecoins in my wallet.dat. .

I think you need to contact support Coinbase. Bitcoin transactions are not processed for so long.

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