Unlock my LTC wallet - Noob!

Hi, I created a LTC wallet on my laptop 6 months ago and transferred 1 LTC to the wallet and forgot I had done this. I’ve recently rediscovered my wallet but can’t work out how to unlock it. My records show that I did save the Passphrase but I can’t work out how to use it. Many thanks.

open your wallet…click send…enter the address your sending to and the amount you want to send…click send…it will ask for your passphrase…type it in then it will send…that is the only time you need a password unless you are using the console for recovery or other technical stuff

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Thank you very much! So can you confirm that the wallet stays locked unless you’re receiving or sending?

it doesn’t need to be locked to receive anything…anyone and everyone can see every transaction ever made on a block chain…just go to blockcypher.com or any other block explorer and type in the address, transaction id or ip address

with core wallets…your private keys are encrypted with AES128 and your passphrase as the key to that algorithm…so yes you can confirm that your private keys are locked in that wallet by your passphrase…now the security of that passphrase is a whole other story…so make sure you use a good passphrase…(longer than 10 characters) mix up capital letters and lower case…add numbers and symbols etc…BUT DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD…passwords are very hard to crack if they are secure but it is still possible to crack them

I am currently getting paid to crack passwords for 2 people who forgot their passwords…only reason I should be able to get around the password is because i have a copy of the backup…
however with out knowing the password I cannot crack AES128 so I use special software that guesses thousands or millions of passwords per second until I find the password…it may take a month but eventually it will find it…

if there are 5 characters and 26 possibilities for each character then there are 5 to the 26th power number of possibilities that the password can be…and guarantee its one of them…

so save your backups on a flash drive separate from your pc…because if anyone gets your private key they can steal your coins…private keys are the only way to recover coins with out passwords…but you cannot “retrieve” a private key form a core wallet without the password…at least using the software itself you cant…


Secure passwords and backups are the only way to truly secure coins…STAY AWAY FORM BRAIN WALLETS unless you make a damn good one…even then its still not a good idea…

so yes your wallet is always locked as long ass your computer does not get hacked…which is why I say to store offline digitally as a backup and to use a very secure passphrase for encrypting your wallet

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Hello, you can help me. I have the same problem. I have my wallet.dat encrypt the wallet and upload the file and my 3 litecoin come out, but when I’m going to send it, it asks for the password, I have it written down but it tells me that it is incorrect.
You say that you can recover the password how much is it worth? I can give you 1 litecoin thanks for the help.

which version of litecoin core are you using? more than likely the openssl package and ecdsa packages on your pc is out of date and needs to be updated in order for it to work properly
you may need to try to open the wallet with an old version and then get the private key from that and import it into a new wallet version
I am willing and able to give it a try myself if you cant get it…I usually charge 20% for hacking time to figure out where the issue is…however please keep in mind I have been working recovering the same 5 wallets for people who did actually forget their passwords for about a year now with only a little bit of luck in figuring out where the encryption problem is…so there is always chance that I wont be able to recover your coins…
let me know if you need any help…send me a personal message as I get those via email

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hello thanks for the help I have the version 0.16.0 core but I do not know how to do what you say of the old versions if you want to send you the file wallet.dat and the password I give you 20% and then send the rest to another wallet okay ? give me your mail that I do not have it.

you need to be using version 16.3 … 16, 16.1 and 16.2 are no good anymore
Sending you a PM now