Send me a little litecoin?

I just created a Litecoin wallet. Can someone send me a little Litecoin to test if my wallet working or not?
Thank you very much in advance!
My address: MWDHaV393cgKbp2e8qgH5D6RTh9NULciiq

if you made a wallet, it works. You could use an exchange and test it by buying some LTC.


LOL sure i send you just now, check now :joy:


Me thinks you ‘fib’ Vampyren…me thinks indeed you ‘fib’ :slight_smile:

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not yet receive. Maybe my wallet does not work?

Maybe you can buy some ltc and whe give our adress to see if it works if you send too us​:joy:. All in faver say :+1:

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Little ? Little should be 0.000001 LTC then. Becauae next year LTC will worth $4000


yes, smallest

Good idea

You can send whatever quantity you want of ltc

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Really? maybe delete the wallet.dat file and restart the wallet :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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You can check wallet on your own through different ways rather than asking others to send funds to your wallet.

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No, I think someone send me ltc to my wallet. That’s the best way.

Then, you could try your luck at the pinned post, it is your best chance to check the wallet. :smiley:

if you generated a wallet there is no need for someone to send you free litecoin to test it, if you want to “test” it then spend your fiat and buy some LTC and send it to that wallet.

anyways other than begging for free crypto - your wallet is a valid wallet just with zero transactions:

“address”: “MWDHaV393cgKbp2e8qgH5D6RTh9NULciiq”,
“total_received”: 0,
“total_sent”: 0,
“balance”: 0,
“unconfirmed_balance”: 0,
“final_balance”: 0,
“n_tx”: 0,
“unconfirmed_n_tx”: 0,
“final_n_tx”: 0,
“txs”: []

Keep trying :joy:

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I am very new to this also. I bought a “paper” wallet. I tested it by buying a few ltc and after a few minutes processing, I found that it works great! Maybe try that? This is all such a learning curve and can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. I’ve just tried to learn as much as I can from multiple sources. It’s started to make more sense. Good luck to you. Try to buy some! I think there is even a “buy” button on the top of this page!

never ever ever buy a paper wallet - if you did not generate it that means whoever made it for you has the private key and can take your funds at any time.

Oh thank you for this information. I’m green! I bought the one that Lee created. I have found this a little confusing and difficult to get started in. Yes, that completely makes sense!

lee created? you mean the ballet wallet? if so, you should be fine as long as you keep the card secure. I thought you meant an actual paper wallet on some website. Those sites have a huge tendency of sweeping wallets periodically and taking everyone’s funds.