Send me a little litecoin?

get the qt wallet - litecoin core wallet or the ltc electrum wallet and send your funds there - each wallet is capable of generating their own keys and then you hold the keys then. just be sure to use a secure pc - no viruses and such. or get a trusted HW wallet.

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Yes, the ballet wallet. I researched and it seemed like the easiest for a newbie like me to use. I do hope it’s secure. I really want p2p to get off the exchanges. Anyway, not trying to hijack this thread. Thank you for your advice in making sure that I have a secure wallet!

yes ballet is great for starters - I would suggest if you wish to use them that you do not use that silver one! that is a collectors piece! get a set of the PRO series wallets, they send you 3 cards - this is great as the 3 are identical. You are also more secure to carry one of these around. With the REAL series if you lose it, you lose all the funds and whoever finds it can take the funds. If you lose a PRO series, you have 2 back ups - so you can lose two before being worried about replacing them - and no one can steal the funds if you do lose it. The PRO series requires you generate a passphrase that only you know (it does not go on the wallet like the REAL series) so while you have to be sure you do not lose it, you can trust that no one else knows it either.

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I had no idea that they are Collectible, lol! The “real” is what I’m using! Two already open and in use… As someone that has over 1 million baseball cards, collectibles is intriguing. The pro with backups sound great to carry everyday! Great advice!

yes. I am trying to collect one of each of their versions - I have 10 more that are new en route and maybe 7-8 not in this pictures including 2 that are pre-production versions, one for BTC and one for LTC

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Omg, this is awesome. As a collector myself, I really appreciate this! Like I said, I had no idea!

yea - if you ever decide to collect any send me a dm - I am a reseller and can get large quantities of them at a discount or at least offer a coupon code for discounts as well.

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Of course! Thanks! This adds a complete new dimension to this journey! I’m learning more and more!

How much do you want?
I will send you everything my darling. :rofl:

Whats your adress?

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Snarf! :slight_smile:

My address: MDQPBsow9XawwH6naJo9rsyC9WwBD7Hrw8
You can send me something like: 0.000001 ltc or less, no problem.

Ever heard of sarcasm? :smiley:

Guess so your wallet address…shows Nada!

There…I’ve made your ‘Vision’ easier above. :slight_smile: