Retroperspective analysis of BTCLTC ratio in 2016

Hello! I want to post some retroperspective analysis of BTC LTC ratio in 2016 with main fundamental reasons which influenced on LTCBTC ration in my opinion.
You can see picture with 5 points here

  1. Litecoin core 0.10.x was released and LTCBTC ratio stabilized after dropping in the end of 2015.
  2. LA announced Road Map with great promises and ratio went up because of investors expectations.
  3. Roadmap was not released in the timeline, and investors began to get rid of Litecoin assets.
  4. Litecoin was added on gdax for trade, also RoadMap was released and these positive news did pump LTC a little bit.
  5. But the very small volume of gdax trading, and only promises without innovation and real code provoked massive dump LTCBTC to present time.

PS Is it possible to post picture on the forum directly in the thread?

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where do you see it bottoming? i’m guessing next drop should be to 0.0037s…

Not the best time to try to speculate with LTC. Without serious fundamental changes (marketing, development, promotion etc) LTC will may fail for a long time. 0,0025 btc and deep. But if any action attract new investors, LTC can quickly grow to 0.01 Btc or higher. See my tech analysis here Possible 3 scenario of LTCBTC trade At the moment we can see strong bearish scenario.

New year came! Hope it will be better for LTC ratio than in 2016.