Possible 3 scenario of LTCBTC trade

Hello guys! This is my first topic at new litecointalk.io forum. I want to post my vision for possible LTCBTC trading in 2017. This vision stands only on technical analysis without any fundamental reasons.

  1. Bullish scenario.
  2. Bearish scenario.
  3. Midle scenario.

They seem not much different to me.

This is so, because we are close to the top of the descending triangle. Out of the triangle will be in 2018 or in the end of 2017. This vision stands only on technical analysis without any fundamental reasons.

I think right now LTC/BTC will have more to do with confidence in Litecoin, Development , vision and what BTC does. Also which currencies, traders and holder feel is safe for cashing out BTC gains as it near the highs.

Looks like LTCBTC cant go up more than 0,005 :confused:
Possible we will never see LTCBTC higher than 0,01

If we can to defend 0,004 btc level for few weeks the bearish trend could reverse. Otherwise ltc go down to the next support lvl at 0,0032 btc

There is only one scenario. That is … moon


Ha ha ))
Hope that pseudoscience will help to choose right decision.
This is pseudoscienc too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iphcyNWFD10

Strong bearish scenario on the way.
First gain - 0,0027 btc
Second gain - 0,002 btc
Possible will go up to 0,0058 btc after that.

Bullish scenario on the way
target - 0,0125 btc
Deep correction after that

Are you seriously writing more price predictions with your bad math and pretty charts?

You couldn’t predict the price of a 99-cent cheeseburger.

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Clown Write more. You amuse me fucking bastard. :grinning:

I’m with cxop. You are probably the worst ever at predicting Litecoin price. You sang doom and gloom right before a 160% increase. Now when somebody call you out on it you turn childish and throw insults around like a teenager who hasn’t gotten laid yet.

I have three 100% scenario which was made 5 months ago.
Are you with clown cxop? Ok. Then Im with your mom, mothefucher.

ddr533 you can’t have three 100% scenarios you idiot. You’re obviously too broke for a relationship.

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As I said a few months ago, there is only moon.

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target reached
waiting deep correction

OH MY GOD THE CORRECTION!!! Everybody look at this YUGE correction. It’s a super-mighty preemptive correction!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :scream:

This is only the beginer of deep correction

Could be. I doubt it and I’m hodling every last LTC I have though.