Retrieving LTC on Core wallet using .DAT

Hi, my computer recently crashed and with it went my LTC Core wallet containing a few LTC. I have downloaded Core onto my new set up and want to know how I trace my LTC. I have a back-up .DAT file but don’t know how to apply that into the system to retrieve the LTC. Could someone give me a step by step guide to this please?

I do have my password and the exact address to which the coins were initially sent on Core.

Thanks, Charlie


1.- you must have backed up one file called “wallet.dat”. This file contains all of your LTC coins saved until the date wallet.dat was backed up
2.- run installer litecoin-qt v0.18.1 to install official core LTC wallet
3.- close the program. You can see how the program creates LTC blockchain’s files and directories structure in C: or D: \Users\yourUser\Appdata\Roaming\Litecoin
-Because I own a site that offer a few most important crypto blockchains updated until present, I suggest to download LTC blockchain to copy & replace the ones you have in your PC
Download zipped LTC blockchain until 20210906_1008am UTC-3 contains the directories “blocks” and “chainstate” with all the files necessary to sync faster your wallet
(Hint: google “blockchaindownload store”)
Unzip and copy and replace “blocks” and “chainstate” provided, replacing the ones you have in C: or D: \Users\yourUser\Appdata\Roaming\Litecoin
4.- replace “wallet.dat” you have in your PC with “wallet.dat” backed up that contains your LTC coins
5.- run the wallet again and wait a few minutes to a full synchronization
Automatically the program read information in “wallet.dat” backed up and restore all of your LTC coins !
6.- That’s all


If you have the time and bandwidth, I recommend downloading and validating the whole chain yourself, but the rest seems OK.

Sure about that
But why waste time?
LTC blockchain weighs 55,049 GB !!!
Last update: 20210906_1008amUTC-3 Blocks 2118083

Because the whole point of the concept is that you have to trust absolutely nobody, you can verify everything yourself, which is beautiful. :slight_smile: And LTC chain validation is quite well-optimized, too.

Please, as an experiment, try installing the LTC wallet from scratch and tell us how long it took to you
Then, take into account how much cost your labor-hour
and how much are you willing to pay to save time
With all of these simple values, we can understand much more on this process to a middle size home PC and a similar bandwith
Energy cost and others cost seems anelastic to a middle person and difficult to estimate, so we will not consider
Thanks for share your feelings!

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It takes 5 minutes to install and start litecoin core, the rest is done automatically, while I can do whatever I want. Why would I count it as a lost labor-hour?

Installing the wallet is not the big deal
Can’t send or receive LTC in 5 minutes
You must sync the wallet with the LTC network
In developing countries we don’t have such a band size to download the LTC blockchain and sync the wallet in 5 minutes!
If you can, I congratulate you

I didn’t understand why you responded with agressivity. I started with this: If you have the time and bandwidth. If you have a narrow bandwidth, downloading the zipped chain is still quite slow.
If you want to send LTC in five minutes, why operate a complete validating node? Download a light wallet to your phone. Then you don’t even need to download a snapshot of the blockchain.
But I’ve just checked out your website. Do you really “sell” the blockchain zipped? Wow. I can see now why you did not like my response.

Hi clvigo, thanks for your detailed response - much appreciated. Reading through your steps I can see that I’m still going to need your help to get this sorted out though :slight_smile:
Firstly I have downloaded the entire LTC Core (I’m on fiber broadband and it took about 3 - 4 hours). Do I still need to go Blockchaindownload Store and copy and replace this?

Hi Charlie
Good job! You have your LTC core official v0.18.1 wallet synced! Great!
It is not neccesary to go to blockchaindownload
I suggest you this steps:
1.- Close the wallet
2.- You only have to replace your wallet.dat file in C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Roaming\Litecoin\wallets
with your copied and saved (backed up copy) of your old wallet.dat file, which contains your LTC coins saved
3.- run the wallet and wait to sync
You must see all of yours LTC recovered!

Please, let me know about your success!


Hi clvigo,

Thanks again for your help. Can you just confirm that I actually delete the existing wallet.dat file as seen in the attached screen grab and then just paste in my saved version? This may seem obvious but I just don’t want to get this wrong :slight_smile:




Hello Charlie

1.- close the wallet

2.- have you have any new LTC saved in wallet.dat that you show me in the image?
If your answer is “Yes” please rename as “wallet2.dat”
If not, you can delete wallet.dat showed in the image

3.- Then copy your old “wallet.dat” to this place
(old wallet.dat containing your missed coins)

4.- run the wallet

Your old LTC must be showed

Please, let me know about your success!

PD: after you get your old LTC coins in your wallet we need to talk about to your LTC coins saved in wallet2.dat if your answer in 2,. was “yes”

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Hi clvigo, OK thanks I have done that. I did not have any new coins to worry about so just deleted the old wallet and pasted my copy in place of it.

It seems that it has worked but not as I expected. When I open Core and it updates it still shows the balance as 0. However when I click on File > open Wallet > my pasted/saved.dat file is there. When I click on that it opens and shows the coins there. I assume it is all OK now but I guess I will find out for sure when I transfer them to a hard wallet!!

Many, many thanks for your help. The whole crypto space is a bit hair-raising for non-techies as there is this fear of loosing ones coins into the ether somewhere so your help was essential and appreciated!



Hi Charlie
Did you rename your wallet.dat pasted as “saved.dat” ?
It must be called “wallet.dat” without "s
Perhaps, that’s the reason your balance is shown as 0

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Spot on clvigo - that detail was the issue. All good now thanks!

And good stuff you had a backup so you recovered.

Hi civigo, apologies for butting in. I’ve interrupted because you look like you know how this forum works. I would like to ask a question about LTC Core Wallet recovery. But can’t find where to do that. Hope you can give me some guidance & keep an eye out. cheers alan

HI Alan
I dont really have a really deeper knowledge about this forum
But i think you can ask whatever you want and need
Just try

Hi clvigo, thankyou for reply. The legend continues. May have unleashed a question into Tech Support fingers crossed. Basically wanting to connect my recovery words to my fresh LTC core wallet. Anyway mate, thankyou.