Quieter fans for the L3+ from Antminer?

Hi, folks!

Does anybody know of 120mm fans that are quieter than the ones that come with the current Antminer L3+? They reportedly generate 75 dB(a). They also produce about 230 CFM.

Thanks for any advice.

If you’re moving that much air through such a small fan 75 db isn’t that high. Not sure how many of the L3+ you have coming; but, likely any fans that you use to draw heat out of the room will be somewhat louder. For example the link I’m attaching is the fan I use in a window where my miners are located. I didn’t use the louvers and modified the frame to fit. There is a second window to draw in cool air. This fan keeps the room cool enough at high speed on hot days (up to 32 C here). It would be a good fan to use if you have as many as eight to ten of the L3+ coming. The three speeds are great so you can slow things down when it’s only a couple of degrees outside. During winter remove the fan and keep the window open. I generally move the miners to the basement during the winter and they heat the house down to about -15C and then the window gets closed.

Thanks for your ideas, Shyliar. I greatly appreciate them. I’ll only have 2 L3+s when I get them. I was planning on replacing the fans with a couple that generate 63 dB(a). I’m not sure how well that will work.

I like your idea of using a fan. Since I’ll house the units in one of my bedrooms, I was thinking of buying a portable AC unit to keep that one room cooler than the rest of the house. The big downside to this bright idea is I’ll use extra electricity. What do you think.

No basement, or I’d move everyting there.

Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile:

The air conditioning is an expensive idea. Your 2 units are rated at 800 Watts each. Your power supply’s likely will be 90 percent efficient maximum. So we are talking a total of 1760 Watts. Remember this is all being converted to heat. The online calculator suggests 6000 BTU air conditioning to keep the room at ambient (or break even point cooling equals heating)

A 6000 BTU air conditioner is going to be approximately 700 Watts.

So your total power consumption is close to 2.5kW per hour, 24/7.

Other thoughts:

Please do keep in mind what your household circuits are rated for. For example circuits here are a maximum of 1800 Watts.

120V x 15A = 1800 Watts

They do need to be derated though for 24 hour use.

1800 Watts x 0.85 = 1530 Watts

As you can see you would require 3 separate circuits so you don’t exceed the derated value ( so you don’t accidentally start a fire) if you have 120VAC.

At my house I ended up making a 80 foot extension cord with 8 guage (4 wire) that plugs into my dryer plug. On the other end I build a splitter box with four receptacles (each fused at 15A). Very safe.

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Hey, guys!

I found a 120mm that generate 200 CFM fan at 59 dB(a) according to the fan’s specs. However, the L3+s, according to the gurus at Antminer, use fans that generate 230 CFM.

So, is there a way to undervolt the L3+ so it doesn’t generate as much heat? We’d have a slightly lower hashrate, I suspect, but we wouldn’t go deaf or get divorced as quickly.

Somebody give me some hope!! :slight_smile:

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The fans used on the Antminer L3+ are pretty quiet. Most of the noise comes from the air passing through the antminer. Even if you change the fans noise stays the same.

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As my young nephew says “Caca!”

Thanks for the info.

IS the fan really loud, like an annoying loud? Sometimes decibels is misleading in my experience anyway. Industrial sounding fans are really annoying. Others with higher decibels but not such an annoying noise can just be like background white noise not that big of a deal.
If they are loud an annoying I’d suggest the Giga Watt ICO but I was planning to get one for multi pool mining and heating my home in the winter. Giga Watt mines only on litecoinpool at the moment they say they are adding support for other pools. But if this is an industrial sounding fan and I end up keeping it in my garage then I get no real heat benefits in the winter and my electric costs are higher than 3.3c kwh so maybe I’ll skip hosting one at home. Not interested in messing with fan and giving Bitmain an excuse to void the warranty even though it’s only 90 day warranty, if it’s the fan is that bad I just won’t host one at home.

Thank You! I have an L3 not L3+ and that’s how I would describe it. I was worried the L3+ might be more annoying and loud since it’s twice as many chips to cool. Good to hear it’s same as L3.
Does your L3+ reboot randomly ever? My L3 reboots at least once a day for no reason. Not a big deal since it just goes back to mining but the fan is annoying when it reboots and tests the fan at full speed, also takes it a few minutes to get back to full mining speed. Doesn’t matter what pool I use. I was worried at first it was dying and I’d have to send it back to Bitmain for repairs but it’s been doing it for two months now and now it just seems normal. I got it on Alibaba before they were for sale here so it’s an earlier version, so hopefully whatever bug is causing it was fixed in the L3+. I’m running latest firmware also so it’s not that.

I had some restart issues in the past but it wasn’t an issue with the antminer.
For example I used to run 2 antminers on one power supply. Sometimes the load from each antminer would be so unbalanced it would cause the power supply to cut the power momentarily. My recommendation is run one antminer on one apw3 power supply. Many people use aftermarket power supplies. Personally I don’t like that option because those power supplies are designed for something totally different. Even if it is rated at say 1000W, a server or a PC would draw a constant power of say 200-300W which sometimes spikes to 6,7,800W and then back down. These antminers draw a steady 800W non stop. So personally I would prefer using a psu designed specifically for that purpose.
Also I live in a very hot climate so overheating would sometimes cause them to restart. Regular A/C is a loosing battle so I went with evaporative cooling type of A/C with humidity control, which costs me like 5 cents an hour and about 10 cents an hour from June to August when it hits low to mid 40s.
I also installed a large voltage regulator to control the power feed. Online double conversion UPS systems are too expensive and you are better off investing that money in new miners. If you ever have a power outage then your miners don’t work, so you don’t gain anything but you don’t loose anything either.
So to sum it up, keep them cool, supply clean and constant power feed, keep them in a dustless environment and you shouldn’t have any issues. Occasional issues do come up though so if you need support from bitmain don’t bother emailing them. It takes forever. Just call them up. Most of their support staff speak english quite well so communication won’t be an issue.

I just ordered two L3+ from them, they accept Litecoin as payment now! So yeah with the pump in litecoin I decided to lock in the price and get a couple. Delivery not until late August early September so that sucks. They say on the website a PSU designed specifically for the L3+ will be available on the website June 20th, I’ll check that out Monday. I have plenty of leftover unused ATX PSU so I might just use what I got save money but I’ll still see what PSU they sell for the L3+.
Also if noise is an issue I plan to ship them to Giga Watt, I did their ICO so I can host 3.3c kwh but I’m pretty sure I would need the Bitmain PSU if I shipped them to Giga Watt, so I’ll check that out Monday. I had planned to rent those tokens out and mine at home as long as the noise isn’t so bad, but it’s nice to have a backup plan if they are too loud. Now I’m just trying to hold onto my LTC and not spend anymore on miners :laughing:

Hi, guys!

Great thread! Looks like Giga Watt may be the solution for me if the noise is more than I can stand.

Thanks for the great conversation. :slight_smile:

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Giga Watt is a great concept and a good solution for many people. Personally though I think this business is all about control. Being able to control your investment, your profit everything. Personally I wouldn’t trust my investment with anyone. For example what happens if they go bankrupt and my investment gets tied up in a legal dispute with liquidators etc? And that’s just one of the many things that can happen. I don’t even trust online wallets and use a hardware wallet. But that’s just me …


this is same fan, for cheaper

Look at this video for noise reduction project.

Just a lilttle bit of electrical engineering for everyone, who wants to mine cryptos. A circuit breaker is designed to run at 80% for 3 hours or more. this is considered a continuous load. so a 15A circuit should only be used with a continuous load of 12A, a 20A circuit should only be used with a continuous load of 16A. You get the idea. There are 2 types of trip monitors in a circuit breaker. first trip mechanisim is a “thermal” trip caused by a long time draw on circuit breaker and trips if the circuit breaker gets warm over time moving ampacity through it. the second type of trip mechanism in a circuit breaker is a short circuit instanteous current trip rated in thousands of amps. If all possible, when you use mining equipment power supplies, use a higher voltage, such as 240V. this will decrease the number of amps the power supply will need to make 12VDC for the miners. I set up my mining system completely on 240V. I run three L3+ miners per 20A 240V circuit. The BitMain APW3++ power supplies draw around 4.5A at 240V. so 4.5A x 3 units = 13.5 amps continuous per 20A circuit. yes, if could be possible to put a forth miner on the circuit temporarily , but it would be at 18 amps which is over the 80% of a 20A circuit breaker for a continuous load. At 18 amps, the circuit breaker would eventually thermal trip running the circuit breaker at 18 amps for hours and hours.

I’m running my Antminers in oil which is pumped outside to a heat exchanger. Therefore, I don’t need fans so I disconnected them and used a fan simulator for the Antminers. Fan-B-Gone is on eBay and make a single fan and a dual fan unit. A pretty inexpensive way to process crypto quitely. Of course there is a one time expense for oil, pump and heat exchanger (I used a car radiator and a cheap pump from China).and PVC to plumb it. If you do that you need to use thread sealer (T-4) for threaded joints otherwise oil will leak out.

OK guys i just want to let you guys know that there are other ideas out there people have been experimenting but you need to know this before you burn your miner or your house down.

  1. Don’t connect AC to a closed up system because it’s not pushing the amount of air that’s been sucked out by the 6000 rpm fans. 2. That enclosed area is going to condensate air moisture into water. 3. You’re going to have mold growing and dark enclosed spaces like fridges and esky / cooler are perfect for mold.

Try this original fix where people got this idea anyways.

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I would look at Noctura Fans. On the KNC Titans I went from 1500 rpm to 3000 rpm with only about a 20% noise increase. (if that). Was a big deal. So look at the stats. Get what you think will work at higher RPM in the Noctura Brand and test. Only way to be sure. At worst you will have a higher (and noiser) fan on one unit. But hell, it will be cooler. :slight_smile:

So your solutions is a mod for fan speed adjustment? hmmm…with Summer coming that may not work as good as maybe a winter solution.