LTC's advantage of being faster and cheaper will fade away?


Despite the fact that Litecoin will have its own Lightning network, there is little question that Bitcoin’s LN will drive traffic away from LTC. I realise that costs and channel opening times would be lower on LTC, but will this be enough to persuade people to switch?

I also saw that Ethereum 2.0 would allow for hundreds of TPS with cheap fees, which hints towards Litecoin’s use case.

With the new incoming scaling solutions brought on by Bitcoin and Ethereum, it nearly appears that Litecoin will have to target another market niche or the community will have to re-adjust the marketing **plan. **

My thoughts
The Litecoin is silver 2.0, and it has the best value and uses case. It’s similar to Bitcoin but not the same, and it’s an ancient and tried-and-true cryptocurrency. Most likely, it will be used as an industrial value store. That is my point of view. I don’t view Bitcoin or Litecoin in terms of transactional value; instead, I regard them as an institutional store of value that is retained rather than utilized as a currency.

What makes you think that Lightening network will even be a reality any time soon? Adam Back and other core developers have been talking about this for literally years. And any time there is any question about Bitcoins viability in terms of upgrades, etc they trot out Back and others to yelp about LN. I have actually set up a Bitcoin LN Node. Very difficult and not intuitive in the least. And I’m a programmer. Its true that users will have no need for knowing about the backend but I don’t see alot of front end development either. My node, which I funded for $100 worth of btc and linked up to 4 other nodes has literally 0 traffic. Perhaps I’m missing something or maybe even Roger Ver is correct about it but I don’t see any kind of action on there. That said, my money is on Litecoin with the coming MWEB release.

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Soon LTC will be on The Flare Network. This will give LTC; Smart contracts, defi, staking, NFTs, etc. In my opinion, it is a good time to be accumulating Litecoin.

Lol, like we don’t have enough smart contract, defi and NFT networks… It is funny how people question the legitimacy of sound money (LTC), but it seems they cannot see how there are like 10 active ethereum & ethereum-killer networks…

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So, you came here to FUD without researching what else is coming to LTC.

Is your “secret account” to spam negativity in hopes of accumulating lower before MWEB and Flare? That’s a rhetorical question.

When you see FUD like yours increase, it’s often time to buy. Those who see through the fud win, while people who assume you are altruistic because they are honest and new get wrecked.

Posting fud without even a good debate is so unfortunate. Thanks to posts like yours, with my being in crypto for many years, I’m buying more.

I hope your senseless fud doesn’t wreck too many. I’m shocked it is allowed.

LTC has zero downtime since its inception, well-accepted from PayPal to Grayscale, and with soon added utility, is likely to have a very bright future ahead.

The seasoned or sensible investor will see through your fud, then buy, accumulate, and hold.

Lol, look at my recent activity in this forum before judging. :slight_smile: I’m very bullish on Litecoin. But not because NFT’s are coming to Litecoin…

Good luck getting the price you want. When LTC rockets, it tends to fast.

You seem a bit tense. Relax. :slight_smile: After many years things will look different. Trust me, nothing stands further from the truth than me spreading FUD. Especially not for financial gain. Then I would buy dogecoin or ADA or whatever people pump nowadays… Litecoin simply doesn’t need NFTs to be the best form of money.
I really love the idea of MWEB and I hope I can spend some time in the future to look into the CoinSwap idea and just in MWEB’s code in general. I don’t consider myself to be simply an investor. Whatever we are working here for is about much more than price. I’m in this forum to help and occasionally have discussions about things. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


My apologies for being misconstrued, and I see your posts were quite positive. I wish you and LTC the best. Possibly I had been swayed after reading posts in @litecoin on Telegram. You explained your position well, which is both informative and appreciated. Thank you.

I also agree MWEB is very exciting and the LN not getting much activity.

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No problem, I’m glad we worked it out. :slight_smile:
Everyone is tense. Getting off the internet and spending time in nature helped me.

LN will become interesting on LTC once on-chain transaction will get in the fee competition range. I’ve heard something about BTC-Monero atomic swaps being done now. This was discussed already 3 years ago in LTC-Monero context. Now that can easily become a reality, too. The next 10 years will be very interesting. I think LTC has a very good position.


Is LTC a store of value or a payment coin? Because the use case doesnt make sense if its both. Why would someone pay with LTC when the value of that can go up over the next 10 years.

It will be like the guy who payed 10000 BTC for pizzas…

And because crypto can also be seen as a store of value then LTC doesnt have a use case at all. I would rather buy BTC, ETH, BNB as it also fits the narrative of “deflationary” And those coins have a better use case beyond store of value. Not to mention these coins store my value better than LTC

LTCs performance in 2021 really helped open my eyes. The narrative is not the same as it was in 2017 and before that. Blockchains are more than “payments” and “store of value”

This is evident by just looking at the coin. It has had 0 development outside of MWeb which really serves no purpose for an investor. If LTC has had 0 downtime and no one is able to hack it why does it matter who sees your transactions?

Meanwhile the coins that have seen a pump all have developed new things that attract investors. Charlie and the devs really need to adapt to the environment we are in or LTC is in trouble

If you bought LTC on 2017, you may have paid around $35. By now, you would have $170 by now. Almost 5 times the amount you paid. Isn’t this hold value?

Let’s see if all this new shiny coins does the same by 2025.

Sir, please go back and look at how much ETH, BNB, XRP outperformed LTC in 2017. Im sure there were people saying these “shiny coins” wouldnt be around now. Look all of these coins outperformed LTC by a long shot in 2021.

My whole point is why do we need multiple store of values when all of these assets outperform and store your value better than LTC? This argument becomes stronger for other alts not named LTC because of the development and the new innovations they are doing.

I am indeed looking at the LTCETH chart. By this very moment, daily chart is reversing downtrend. This happened to LTCBTC, and now it’s the time for LTCETH.

Sorry, you seem to be too much focused on the price and not on the fundamentals. Fungibility is a very important property of money.

If you want to invest, buy cumrocket, doge, ada or whatever you want. Until then we try to focus on BTC and LTC. :slight_smile: It’s fine.

Also, just by memory, Tron, Neo and some other stuff was “more valuable” by the market’s opinion in 2017 and 2018. It doesn’t matter…

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I been in crypto since 2013, I can say I seen a lot of project comes and goes.

I invested in project I thought it will stand the time, but they currently no where to been seen.

All the current hypes around ada, bnb, solana, they could disappear in next 5 years, even eth is at risk if other players like ada takes further leads.

Only really stood the time since 2013 is LTC and BTC.

Keep in mind Fungibility is extremely important for a sound money.

if all the active BTC eventually went through the black market and government labels all the active BTC is illegal, what then???


I bought LTC for less than four dollars. But price isn’t my focus; it’s acceptance, utility, and reputation.

Any crypto is primarily an investment for me. Litecoin is no exception. I hope we will have our big takeoff one day.

Well yeah, it already has. The other day my LTC transfer took 30-50 minutes while my Solana transaction completed in less than 1 minute. Why would anyone use LTC for anything anymore? its no longer a comparable store of value compared to BTC and its getting beat by every other coin that can handle more transactions.

You probably wont see it right away but once Solana gets more exchange listings it will essentially destroy LTC