LTC's advantage of being faster and cheaper will fade away?

Solana is probably one of the most centralized of all coins. It tries to do the same what eos tried. It will not work. You will see. :slight_smile:

that’s as lazy of a comparison as one gets. Comparing a project failure to one on the rise. Could it happen? sure but writing it off because its “centralized” and that it wont work is really ignorance

Lopp’s try to run a full node was funny enough.
“All four --trusted-validators are operated by Solana”
But I highly recommend the whole thing.

If you want to trust and not verify, OK. I don’t like that.

What is your motive here??? Beating up LTC???

For what??? Just let the LTC community be, if you believe in something else, then don’t hold LTC, there is no need to bash people who hold LTC.

I really don’t understand why…

Do you have any word on solana outage?

Solana brings concerns about centralization.

Bitcoin/Litecoin are much more than this.