LTCgear 2017



Heh , nothing new :frowning: That was big lost for me .


Don’t fall for it (again)


Luckily there is nothing to fall for anymore…




that POS was the best scammer i ever came to know online… he kept fishing and kept scamming even veterans of cryptospace.


Do you think viabtc can work? I mean buying s9 miner and letting them mine with it?


Not this again.

If it was a scam the first time round, it definitely will be a scam again.


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What is this? They scammed your money?


Are you being serious? :-/


lol, Bee’s ETAs are back, or whoever owns domain now, I think he still owes us some BTC / LTC… Maybe he is waiting on a LTC to hit $53.05 / LTC / 0.05 BTC again from Nov 2013. BTC is almost there but LTC is lagging but moving, whats new, the tide is in.

any bets on LTC high?

BTW where are all the old LiteCoinTalk admins?


Litecoin and bitcoin Exchange

old 18:1


is Larger


Turned out to be one of the larger Litecoin Ponzis that has existed.

It was a rather large shitshow for sure!


Initially I think LTCGear was a cloud Litecoin miner who then stopped paying out. This person then said that you would be able to upgrade or something, and didn’t actually mine any coins. Then he was asking for some coins so he could release your coins. Basically he was running a ponzi scheme.

If anyone recommends LTCGear to you, please stay away. Do something little, such as recommending LTCGear to another member, and I will ban you.

LTCGear ended up being a giant shithole for everyone, including the mods of


Which is why any mention of ltcgear should be a bannable offense on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:


New ETA message : ETA Jan 2017


This moment the Ltcgear site is offline…


He added SSL…is working fine to scam again 3rd time or give back us our coins


Maybe Arti will fly to Romania again with his broken phone. LOL. Ahh the good ole days.