LTCgear 2017


yay! another lie from this thief!


Somebody just gave the message some make up.

“ETA 25 Jan 2017”

Yeah, I’ll feed this thing here :stuck_out_tongue:


New ETA`s!!! I missed it sooo much!

THX Guys ! My live hatt now wieder einen Sinn! :stuck_out_tongue:

Und the Cat is in the Sack!


Yeah new eta to have back (maybe) our fees 14 months later. We made an unathorized free loan to chris, to have nothing in exchange


The Maintenance-Fee would be good. But shares would be much better. The funny thing is i reinvested everything from GAW Miners into LTC-Gear. :slight_smile: Double fuxxed


Yeah, and the owner of GAW is officially wanted in most states


Josh Garza is a free man. Well played :frowning: .


anyone can make something with the unclear method of refound from the thief christian shitpor?


It looks like an attempt to get you to sign over authority of your wallet.


Fool me once, joke is on me…

Looks for me like it is a phishing attempt. Would definitely recommend anyone NOT to fall for it


all time i get this msg…
Unknown Transaction ID (**********************). Please check your input.


Did you try it with a transaction ID you have used to make payments to him or just a random one from the internet. Curious to find out if there is an active database connected with it or just a fake input field with standard error message


with one id transaction from order shares :wink: i think of is a just fake error msg…


Thanks. This at least proofs that he has no intention to repay anyone, but to check maybe how many would try to claim a refund.


hmmm… i dont know…


Still trying to figure out the reason why he would set up something like that. Is there a possibility that he could take over wallets by people who are able to submit the data for the 2nd step?


During Phase 1, certain transfers sent (or supposedly sent) will be repaid:

  • transfers sent to pay mining hardware shipping during 2015 will be returned (too few users opted for)
  • some transfers sent to pay mining fee for 2015.
    Phase 1 will run for a very short period of time, for feedback acquisition, using Bitcoin address message signing as unique authorization method for re-identification.
    If you do not find your transfer included in Phase 1, please verify transfer string (64 digits hex string), try again later (may not be included yet in Phase 1), or it may be postponed to Phase 2. If you are not in control of sending address but you are the transfer owner (eg. online wallet) please wait for Phase 2


Leodio, was there any pw or username request? If not, what about those people, who bought their accounts


Where did you find this announcment?


just view the HTML code of homepage