LTC has cheaper rates than BCH & Doge etc

Because Litecoin was designed to be a payment cryptocurrency, its costs must be kept low.
Who wants to pay a one-dollar charge for a five-dollar item?

Fees were always modest, but an upgrade a few years ago reduced them much further; they are now practically non-existent.

It is for this reason that LTC has a daily market cap; people are utilizing it for what it was created for: inexpensive and rapid transactions.

I exclusively use LTC when moving funds from one exchange to another.

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And has the advantage of being widely adopt on the crypto space. Coins like BNB may charge less fees, but is being used by a fewer places.

incouni, take a loot at the daily volume traded. LTC is far from dead.

LTC is listed on every exchange so it will have high trading volumes. But then again so does XRP and Doge… it doesnt mean anything

LTC has been one of the worst performing coins YTD despite always being top 10 in trading volume. Even XRP has outperformed it.

So I think that even strengthens my argument about LTC and its future. Dropped from 5th to 15th in mcap and now sitting at 12. New projects will come in and overtake it. Its just a sad but true reality

But do you even trust XRP? I would never put my money on it.

Depends what you consider ‘performance’. If you’re looking to day trade then you have lots of options. If you’re looking to create a global financial instrument for the people of the world, thanks Litecoin is attached to a Falcon 9 engine!

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Theres no way you will hold LTC forever unless your average buy in was below 20 dollars. Knowing it crashes 90%+ in every bear market…

People will sell the moment they can. But also Bitcoin describes what you’re saying to be honest.


Sorry @incouni , this is a Litecoin forum. There are lots of people here that actually Loves LTC.

People had said that we should not invest in Litecoin, called shitcoin, said bad things about Lee regardless of his commitment, and YET we are still here.

To be honest, LTC price is quite low, I see as a discount and I am buying more :slight_smile: And also I am giving 1 LTC away, not because I don’t need it, but because I do see value on LTC community. GET YOUT IDEA OUT OF THE PAPER AND WIN 1 LTC! #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign

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For the record, my average “buy in” is not calculated on USD rather on BTC.

Who cares how many USD I spent? From my point of view, I just made some bargain buying more LTC.


I’m wondering why are you in this forum. I’m all in for good arguments, but these stupid comparisons based around momentary prices are not adding much to the conversation.

  1. My arguments make perfect sense. You just are so brainwashed thinking LTC is so great without refuting anything I’m saying. How did this cult even start?

  2. Most people here are not “in it for the tech” its just larping and defending this coin blindly. My arguments are good you just are so invested you dont care to listen


Do you really think this is just brainwashing?

you are completely misunderstanding what I’m saying or dont even understand… What even is this screenshot? Showing me a days change in market dominance? Why dont you do the same from 2019 until now. Thats my whole point…

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I see your point. What I am trying to argue is that we saw a huge decline since 2019 (and you are correct), but the trend is reversing. We saw that on XRP, and XRP didn’t even had a “momentum” in 2019 as did LTC. We are getting there, just stick to the charts.

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Lol. You two keep talking about the price like that matters the most.
Well, I’m most definitely not here for earning money. Then I would have Elon-traded doge with some simple algorithm.
And I don’t freaking care about market cap rankings, because they don’t matter. Really? A few new stable coins and “Eth-killers” come and we freak out from dropping positions? Wtf?
I looked back, and here are some coins who have been higher than LTC in terms of market cap during the past 4 years:
NEM, ETC, EOS, STELLAR, DASH, BSV. Who cares? The current new contenders? Let’s see them 5 years from now. :slight_smile:
And I’m pretty far from being brainwashable…
Keep commenting about the price here, bashing LTC, I don’t care. Your time.

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– Nevermind. LTC is strong and will start to outperform others. – you say…
– You have been brainwashed. LTC is doomed. – they reply.
– Ok. – you think.

After loooooong 4 hours, market replies…


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Noobs have no clue and just buy what is shilled by some influencers / celebrities who have no clue neither.

It’s been like that in 2017 … these noobs end up losing lots of money with those coins as they have little to no value / utility.

Just read how Dogecoin works, what the economics are. It is a copy of Litecoin with a huge unlimited supply where the miners hold the majority of the coins pumping it to dump it onto noobs.

Elon Musk had confessed he mines it with his kids. Hence he pumps it to dump it. Guess his kids must be filthy rich by now …


MWEB has been to slow to be released. Yes, I know its a big release and code-review takes times. I am a long time hodler of LTC but even I have begun to lose faith. I’m hodling through the MWEB release(until end of year essentially) and then I’m done if we get no positive reaction. I guess I would expect any ramp up to happen before the release…by how many months I don’t know.

Come-on, as much as I don’t like Elon Musk, the Doge-mining part is dumb.
Doge is practically only mined by LTC miners via merged mining. Most miners were dumping it until recently, I guess. Elon simply showed his kid how to set up a miner, that’s it. Do you really believe that they have any significance on the LTC mining scene? No, they don’t. Elon Musk is stuffed with government money, I don’t think he needs the doge money. Still he might play market. He is a smart billionaire with some mental difficulties and a lack of empathy. My expectations are not high.
The unlimited supply argument never suited me against doge. It now has a well-defined issuance rate, which represents a certain inflation value that diminishes over time. That’s perfectly fine. Yes, it has infinite supply in infinite amount of time. Who cares?
I don’t like what is happening around doge. But it is still a better form of money, than most other cryptos. And that tells a lot.

Do you really believe that we are at the point where the market understands the significance of fungibility?? If there will be a reaction, it will be simply due to hype and not because of the market’s understanding. This is a much longer game we are playing here. These changes will be important many years down the road.