Lokotech Scrypt ASIC

Platform is a GPU style hashblade with a hashrate of approx… 1.9968 GH/s consuming 145W. FYI We are only selling Lokotech’s hashblade to start with. These can retrofit in to a home PC or a majority of the GPU rigs out there. This is not a full miner.

If interested, you can sign up to be notified when preorders start around April 2023 at Lokotech.no, which will also secure your place in line to purchase the hashblade, once opened.

Lokotech AS
St. Olavs Gate 21, 0165 Oslo, Norway
Orgnr: 823 668 082

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll try my best to answer in a timely manner.

I find that hashrate from a gpu very hard to believe… I would love to see it though because I know well that code can do wonderful things…

Definitely not a GPU. Makes sense why you found it hard to believe. It is a GPU style hashblade with 128 ASICs on it to retro fit into a PC and/or GPU mining rigs.

Very impressed with what you have coming out. I currently have (5) L7’s that we mine with and was about to order more till I heard about you guys. Looks like it’s been a month since your keynote at Litecoin Summit, but didn’t know if you have any rough timeframe on actual shipment of product? Most importantly, even though the comparison for L7’s is very strong power wise, the timeframe for release is still a factor considering the halving taking place in less than a year, and the ability to mine today while waiting for your hashblades to come out. Also, I have seen that the retail price will be in the $1K per GH/s range, is that still accurate as well? I appreciate your response to any of this as it will help me determine to deploy capital now or to wait.

Thanks for the questions and comments.

We are going to be showcasing our silicon around April 2023 on a USB miner, before opening pre-orders for the hashblade. Delivery is expected to start in Q3/Q4 2023.

In addition, it has been a recurring theme that people are worried about the upcoming halving. Especially, if there is a stagnant price action movement of LTC. If this happens, then it is in people’s best interest to have the most efficient Scrypt ASIC miner because the legacy miners will have to turn off first.

As for the pricing, we are really pushing for no more than a year payback and the price will be set once pre-orders are open.

Just for some clarity of who we are and how we want to be a better actor for the industry at large. Simply put, we don’t want to flood the market with hardware that renders the small miner unprofitable. A truly decentralized network can not happen if the small miner can not benefit.

The solution to this is, that we will be self-mining with the hashblades held back for quality control from each batch. This way, once the hashrate is at a sustainable level, we will scale back manufacturing significantly to maintain the profitability for the small miner and our company. We will keep a close eye on the hashrate / coin prices and release product if we think the network can handle it, all while keeping everyone profitable. In our eyes anything remotely close to 15% of the hashrate by a pool, mining facility, or manufacturer is way too much!

That helps. Do you have more information on the USB miner? First I have heard about it.

The USB miner will be used for testing and to showcase the performance of our custom ASIC design. More notably, the USB miner will be able to run in any credible 3rd party pool operator. However, they won’t be for resale because we will only have a limited amount of die from the MPW run.

Very nice. It will be exciting to see if you can get the preformance and efficiency you are advertising. I am sure many are skeptical considering the historical Miners thus far.

We are very confident in our design. Reason being is that we ran a significant amount of randomized (at duration) and direct test vectors without any bugs. In addition, we have no custom logic on our design. I would go into more but there are some brilliant individuals out there that could start piecing together how we designed it.

“I am sure many are skeptical considering the historical Miners thus far.” That is the why we wanted to de-risked the entire purchasing process for both B2B and B2C. Being in this industry as long as we have, we have lost a ton of money to scammers or manufacturers criminally misrepresenting the mining equipment. We strive to create a better user experience throughout the products lifecycle. Because companies should encourage people need to stay in crypto, not to chase away from it!

OIC…that makes sense…too cool

What a great presentation on the Summit. Congrats!

Thanks for the compliment! Been a lot of work behind the scenes to get to where we are.

I hope you are right about B2C and that I am able to start mining soon.

100%! B2C is the only way to truly create a decentralized network. In addition, anyone that has signed up at lokotech.no will be able to participate in the pre-orders, once open!

I haven’t received my confirmation mail.

Let me look into it and get back to you. We haven’t had any problems as of yet.

Lite_Diss if you could email sales@lokotech.no with the email that you signed up with, that would help us narrow down the problem. This would help us identify if the problem is on our side, seeing that this is the first case.

How do do i sign up to be on the wait list?

You can sign up at Lokotech.no. Merry Christmas!