Litecoin Wallet Android Connected - Failed Send Not Connected

Done with Litecoin, dump this trash heap.

Sent litecoin to wallet, it received, and now I cannot send it back out. “send failed , Not connected”

I read others were having problems with Android, I moved wallet to a device that was able to send. Same error.

In over a decade I’ve never had a problem with crypto, until litecoin.


fix your litewallet

your shits still busted

Last time I have checked, the position for developing the Android wallet is a volunteer one. I think it’s quite hard to find the people that are willing to put effort into a project that is not going to reward them.

You might be able to change this situation if you help in the setup of a fund that is financed by the users of the Android wallet for rewarding those that implement features and fixes bugs. I know software development, cryptography. I think I could help on the Android application if it there was a reward to it.


Добрый день! Та же ошибка, при отправке лайткоина, не удается отправить, пишет, что не подключено, а что не подключено, не понятно

Wow, thats exactly whats needed in this post… proves this litecoin community is trash and full of greed.

If you had any sense, you’d see this coin is done for, there is no more project.

Peoples money is locked up and your playing some ass backwards mafia fix your problem for a reward bullshit.

Варзип, обращались в тех поддержку?

@varzip @koseredenko have you checked if the problem is not your internet? have you tried to use a VPN instead to make sure you can connect to other peers?

@varzip you are not entitled to make comments discrediting the community just because you have a problem. be civil and you may have your answer.

Lite_diss vpn не пробовал, спасибо за подсказку, попробую.

Up, vpn не помог, та же ошибка отправки, “не подключено”

Нужно ли пройти синхронизацию с blockchain, чтобы данная ошибка устранилась?

No sync, it doesnt help. They know there is a problem… they are just trying to extort us for money per fredercomba

If it was my internet bro, how am i posting, and why is reddit and google playstore reviews filling up with people that cant send.

I’m entitled to comment as I please, speech is free you fuckin commie. You god damn kids are ruining the internet with your censoring bullshit.

( No offense to Koseredenko, my friend)

No, you do not have freedom of speech here. This forum is private property, property that you do not own, you are a visitor in someone else’s home, and there are rules regarding on how users should behave here. The moderators can enforce these rules.

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Тех поддержка дает такой ответ:

Welcome to the Litewallet Help Center!

The Litewallet Team is a group in the Litecoin Foundation staffed by volunteers from around the world. Our team have full time jobs elsewhere but love to help you use Litewallet and learn about Litecoin!

Responses are normally within 72 hours.
We realize using for Litecoin for the first time is scary and confusing for some. So, we ask you follow these guidelines when working with the team and be patient:

  1. We want to help you! But, we can’t start without the answers to our questions. So, please answer our questions.
  2. Please use the language that is most comfortable for you.
  3. We are volunteers and we will not tolerate any abuse or threats. Violators will be blocked and banned from the Help Center.
  4. We don’t have your Litecoin. It’s locked on the blockchain secured with your 12 words.
  5. Be prepared to send pictures and the text of a transaction or Litecoin address in question.

Same problem, sending error, no connection. I try to sync, VPN, reinstall and so on. Nothing helped. Please fix it.

Same problem send failed not connected
Kindly help me for fix this error

Can we get private keys somehow to import wallet on another platform?

Same problem, try to reinstall, use vpn, wifi, cellur link, not connected problem doesnt go away. Its started more then 24 hours ago. Support dont tell what to do, also on other sites peoples write about same problem

Вижу проблема у многих, скажите, пожалуйста, что отвечает техподдержка, есть ли реальные ответы, а не стандартный, как мне?