LiteCoin testnet configuration


Hi all. I am trying to configure Litecoin Testnet. So I have a downloaded binary file from official site (, have unpacked (I am using ubuntu 16.04), have created litecoin.conf file look like this

Than have run the demo -> litecoind -daemon -testnet

Ok. Its worked. I am getting the adress for my account, but when I am tring to send a test coins from (faucet) , my litecoind does not receive. Please Help…!!!


Check the testnet chain for confirmation it was actually sent:


Also check, did it actually start in testnet mode?

Could you provide a generated address example? If it starts with M, L or 3 then it is not testnet.


mk4jVGgcEQDaiPv26t39y7EhYdB8EHUkVb here is my testnet address, its ok ? or not


Ah, this is interesting.

This is your address, which is empty:

But, that same address, if used as a Bitcoin one, has balance:

I think you’re using a faucet for the wrong currency (bitcoin, in this case). Please confirm faucet URL.


I have sent some coins from

I cant found a site,from where I can send some litecoin test coins. can you share the link please?


That is a Bitcoin faucet :slight_smile:

No, I don’t know any Litecoin faucet, did you try a search on the forum?


Try asking here:


Thank you very much!!!


I just sent a few testnet coins to the address you posted, since it was still empty. If you (or someone else) needs more coins just tell me.


Thank you very much!!!


Hi! If you need more TESTNET coins a have a few to share