LiteCoin testnet configuration

Hi all. I am trying to configure Litecoin Testnet. So I have a downloaded binary file from official site (, have unpacked (I am using ubuntu 16.04), have created litecoin.conf file look like this

Than have run the demo → litecoind -daemon -testnet

Ok. Its worked. I am getting the adress for my account, but when I am tring to send a test coins from (faucet) , my litecoind does not receive. Please Help…!!!

Check the testnet chain for confirmation it was actually sent: Litecoin Testnet Block Explorer & API — SoChain

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Also check, did it actually start in testnet mode?

Could you provide a generated address example? If it starts with M, L or 3 then it is not testnet.

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mk4jVGgcEQDaiPv26t39y7EhYdB8EHUkVb here is my testnet address, its ok ? or not

Ah, this is interesting.

This is your address, which is empty:

But, that same address, if used as a Bitcoin one, has balance:

I think you’re using a faucet for the wrong currency (bitcoin, in this case). Please confirm faucet URL.


I have sent some coins from

I cant found a site,from where I can send some litecoin test coins. can you share the link please?

That is a Bitcoin faucet :slight_smile:

No, I don’t know any Litecoin faucet, did you try a search on the forum?

Try asking here:

Thank you very much!!!

I just sent a few testnet coins to the address you posted, since it was still empty. If you (or someone else) needs more coins just tell me.


Thank you very much!!!

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Hi! If you need more TESTNET coins a have a few to share