All LTC testnet faucets down, I need coins to test

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to get a hold of some litecoin testnet coins for testing. I use to have coins but I returned them to the faucet I was using back then and now it’s down.

Can someone please share some coins to this address, or let me know where I can find a working faucet.



@fede.lcs, did you succeed on this? @asdqsd is looking for testnet coins, as well.

I setup all requirements regarding my coins .My coin is working on testnet and generating testnet address.
I am stuck now as I don’t know from which address coin will supply to my users.
How can I test mycoin. When I go to command line and enter the command of getinfo It shows blocks 0 always and balance 0 always.
How can I test my coin Is it working.How to send and receive coins.
Kindly help me out please, Thanks in advance!