Litecoin nearly $6.00 (+42%)

This is what I like to see:

What do you think, what is the reason for that spike?


I heard that it’s volume was always strong but there was a decision not to raise the price. I have a feeling that it is something behind the scenes.

I don’t have a proper explanation for it.

What you think, will it raise further, stabalize at $6.00 or return to $4.00?

Hard to say but it seems like an aggressive bull push right now.

It seems to me that they want to push its 24h volume to number 1 above bitcoin for a psychological effect of its strength to announce that litcoin is back.

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Cant rly find an explination for this spike… i didnt expect it to be honest… sadly sold 250coins yesterday @ €3.85 :persevere:
Anyway $8 for a litecoin out of nothing makes me think that they manipulate it behind the scene. I dont thik LTC can keep this price.

Right now LTC/CNY pairs take the lead. China is pushing the price so hard.

Volume is high in China today; but, price is lagging behind the western exchanges significantly as it has been for the last week. On price the west is leading the charge.

what does that mean ?

I just got 2 miners hosted with maxumark on bitcointalk. 2 Bitmain L3’s hosted all elec rent and hash rate warranty (they go down he replaces hash when off to china to get fixed) he furnishes PSU also …all for $2550 (100 bucks off till monday)

Anyway hassle free for 1 year …it is probably about the same price I could get one by May 1st …and need a psu
and etc…so hell the extra 250 bucks a year is well worth it for the warranty if the damn bitmain’s have to go in!!!

interested just go to pm Searing or Maxumark…this is the same
deal for the last of them when LTC price was $4.15…

anyway my BET is that $6 is the floor…got them paid for today and up within the hour…slick

anyway money where my mouth is…floor is above $6 and with every other sketchy alt I’ve never heard of above $11 bucks…I expect another 2-3 buck pump…thus pulled the trigger fast on the above ALL paid elec etc for the year deal on 2 L3’s 500mh

maxumark thread (he has 10 left then that is likely it)

my reply to the thread (check out our trust ratings on bitcointalk and/or folk who have us on their trusted list)

So anyone else tossing money at this on this say $6 bucks being the floor or a future pump to catch up with ETH or DASH?

We will see I will be a chump or champ on this I guess :slight_smile:

Added 1000 mh. L3’s 4 at 250mh. Currently $9 ltc :smirk:

This pump in the last couple of days was crazy, FINALLY a rising movement

Sick gain now for SegWit

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”The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown… The revolution will not be televised. “
- Gil Scott-Heron:

(Yes, the poem is in the intro of Homeland S6 and from a totally different context but I can´t help finding it very appropriate )

LTC finally hit 12$, so excited :smiley: Just like old times!!

Hit $12 today but then went a little bit down again afterwards…

Where do you think LTC will go in the next few weeks? Up again or down now??

$10 looks like the new baseline support for a while

What do you guys think, will the pump last or will it start to go down again now !?