Litecoin nearly $6.00 (+42%)


Finally this was the pump that we wanted to see!! And it’s not done, looking forward to the future development of ltc !


well guys now we are at $15.00. A pitty that I have bought only so few litecoins 2 months ago :confused:


Human never think anything is enough


Currently $24.40 and rising…hard to get my head around this price :slight_smile:


We are at $30.00 now :wink:


Well…hell…I can’t wrap my head around $30 for LTC …in that 6 weeks ago it was like $4.15 usd.

At 6150mh today (when two more L3+'s are turned on)…my head is gonna explode :slight_smile:

you can see what I’m making here at

12500 watts (knc titans the bitmain stuff is prepaid…titans reflect this)

It is getting embarrassing…how much $$$ this is turning into :slight_smile:

If LTC goes to $50 my head will explode…I find my mind ‘sliding sideways’ when I try to contemplate

$30 LTC as a floor.

(the ways of crypto are mysterious to me…along with the fact my knc Titan from Nov 8th 2014
has NEVER made as much $$$ as it is today…frigging weird…it all is) :slight_smile:

frigging LTC matrix…