Litecoin difficulty dropping so strong

Litecoin Difficulty: 98,387
Estimated Next Difficulty: 88,945 (-9.60%)
Looks like miners go out from a sinking ship.

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Within normal variation… Talking about leaving. Didn´t you leave a month ago? Why are you still around?

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normal variation? 10%? :grin: Only sh_t coins have such “normal” variation.
Im still here to show to new users the true about LTC. To nobody of them dont pouring into this sh_t by buying it.

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Haha. So your plan is to spread so called “fake news” whenever you can twist them to be interpret as bad for LTC… So much Trump, and so far away from what this is all about…

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Here you can see, this OP is full of hate, lies, and deceit. Note the difficulty change is still 1 day away and currently -4%.

Network Stats
Network Hash Rate 2,922 GH/s
Expected Time per Block 2 min 25 sec
Current Block 1,162,543
Current Difficulty 98,387.32183
Next Difficulty Estimate 94,511 (-3.9%)
Time to Retarget 1 days 03 hours

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Wow OP. So wrong, so often. If you get better at trolling, we might be able to get you a hot steamy date with Kellyanne Conway.

Updated network stats:
Network Hash Rate 3,082 GH/s
Expected Time per Block 2 min 16 sec
Current Block 1,162,615
Current Difficulty 98,387.32183
Next Difficulty Estimate 95,656 (-2.8%)
Time to Retarget 23 hours 29 min


Trolls running! :joy: Guys, I know, you are powerfull trolls, but let’s face it. Only my predictions for ltc price safed the money of the people, who planned to buy ltc, but stopped because of seen predictions. But people who listen to the trolls, such you, have lost their money.

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See, facts are a huge problem for you. The USD price of litecoin is actually up since your troll predictions, not down.

That would make you, um, flat out wrong.

The only reason you even hang around here is to try to troll a few more LTC owners into selling some coins, and they laugh at your failures.

You are the Donald J. Trump of cryptocurrency news.


I did not made ltcusd predictions. Haha, ltc owners laugh? Go to reddit. And you can see, that LTC owners only CRY! And you know this. So, troll, go out from my topic.

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May I remind you that diff was 55000 only 6 months ago? So hashrate almost doubled in 6 months time!! There are not many coins to which that happend.
I agree to the repliers here, stop trolling check your numbers first in a wider view.

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Mar 07 2017 89,872 -8.65% 2,573 GH/s
And? Where are you, trolls?

That is even above the difficulty from your FIRST post, so please enlighten me…

I’m quite happy with a bit lower diff, makes mining more profitable…
Besides, Litecoin is by far the biggest coin that uses scrypt. So most miners with scrypt hardware will stay in LTC.

Exactly! It goes without saying that OP doesn’t own any scrypt mining hardware, and cried whined as he claimed to sell most of his LTC. He has nothing better to do besides come to a forum where people make a nice profit every day mining LTC and try to scare people away from free money? That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. A difficulty drop and $4 LTC is great news for miners, and apparently very bad news for the mathematically challenged. :joy:

What, do you think 500gh/s of scrypt miners were packed up and put in the trash? Or that it ran off to mine Cagecoin forever? You are so clueless on this stuff OP. :laughing:

Hawken, I’m sure he didn’t even notice the botched difficulty trolling. Reading numbers is so hard. :smile:

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Looks like ltc holders are stupid clouns! :grin:

And the hash begins to return:

Network Hash Rate 2,865 GH/s
Expected Time per Block 2 min 15 sec
Current Block 1,163,976
Current Difficulty 89,872.18314
Next Difficulty Estimate 96,637 (+7.5%)
Time to Retarget 1 days 23 hours

OP is so wrong, so often. :sweat_smile: :joy: :laughing:

Are you all out of great wrong data OP? Is that all you have left to offer, is “stupid clouns”?

Something wrong with your numbers, cloun.
Estimated Next Difficulty: 88,753 (-1.25%)
You amuse me. Write more, cloun.:smile:

Wrong again idiot. Here is a current snapshot.

Network Hash Rate 2,721 GH/s
Expected Time per Block 2 min 21 sec
Current Block 1,164,150
Current Difficulty 89,872.18314
Next Difficulty Estimate 93,278 (+3.8%)
Time to Retarget 1 day 19 hours

It’s not very often I do this, but I am literally going to stop responding to you with words because you’re literally just too stupid to understand any of this. Expect only memes instead, I think you understand pretty pictures that don’t contain numbers. :joy:

Have fun talking to yourself.


Good luck, moron. :smirk: