Litecoin difficulty dropping so strong


Mar 10 2017 88,482 -1.55% 2,534 GH/s
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IMHO the LTC difficulty is dropping due to everyone I know with miners like the A2 A4 and L3 are mining on nicehash or
prohashing …these multipools make more then the 103% payout I get on

I’d probably do the same except I have 2014 knc Titans and they HATE fast switch coins…doing so I’d lose say 5% on prohash in fees and 3% in error rate and 3% by not getting the Litecoinpool 3% bonus (free litecoin pool)

thus…my ‘guess’ is that everyone without a frigging titan or touchy ltc miner is going to multipools and such and
we are benifiting (the lost/remainning) by ltc difficulty going down

this will last till the next batch of new bitmain’s hit china …the L3 has not even hit the usa market and they are
deploying the L3+ at 505mh as we speak (so the rumor goes)

so ride the wave while it lasts till the new L3+ scrypt hits (or folk come back to LTC network) but I’ve gone from 875 after elec for my units in the last 6 weeks or so as its worse to 1200 usd now…most due to the difficulty drop …ltc price has gone sideways…

this too will pass (unfortunately)

anyway using this app on litecoinpool

for those who don’t have miners anymore to keep track of what is up on this


Im running Titans and I usually loose some 10-20% hashrate mining multipools. I also stick to Litecoinpool because of that. If the L3´s are better at coinswitching you are problably right. One other reason could be that after three month all the new miners that hit the market late last year are running into some maintenance issues as any other hardware do…


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Ltc not dying it is here to stay. How do I know this? Because I am in china deep in and I know things most do not. Oh also I have around 375gh solo mining litecoin.


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That is why LTC dead.
1 miners has 15% of total hashrate.
Shiit manipulated coin.


“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”


That is why you must shut up


What is why?
Oh you mean like bitcoin how one person controls or try to control everything with chips pool and miners?

Also I did not say I am one person


I have little faith on this bit of LTC pump…I had some faith at 4.44 per LTC. but when it slipped to 4.13 usd …I…xfered my big 40 LTC from 2 days of mining…at 4.12 usd…to BTC…just so I could at least have a ‘bit of glory’ and say I sold LTC at that price 4.12 usd price again. (I know my life is lame)

I wish LTC would hang in there at the 4.44 usd rate…but likely it will fade …as usual an 18% pump in price and big
surprise…no news on ltc coin/why/what/or anything to keep it there (pixies…I bet it is pixies)…

we will see if I am correct…(I want to be wrong…so very much want ltc to pump and for me to be wrong)

as usual …I need to 'get used to disappointment" :frowning:

Edit: Of course it is now like 2 hrs later and LTC is at 4.21 usd lol :slight_smile: (thank you, thank you …yourare too
kind…my skills for picking the wrong time to sell are legendary…glad you approve) :slight_smile:


I would not use the word “pump”. LTC has been in a narrow tradingrange for a couple of years. The behaviour we see is typical for such a condition. So was Bitcoin during 2015… In LTC selling is gradually being absorbed and buying volume increasing. I have seen this pattern before and usually there is a single seller putting a cap on the market. Once the the seller is gone the market rapidly moves to a new level…


Litecoin should grow up and rise! At least because I have ordered another A4 Dominator yesterday…


:clap: Very well done, sir. :clap: