Litecoin Core (64-bit) - the set password does not match

The password for the wallet does not match, all my coins have been blocked, how can I find out where the mistake was made? I have already tried all the methods and I do not have an old copy of the file with the previous password.

Hi, if it is litecoin core, the password can be brute-forced if you have some idea about how the password looks, the best brute-force tool is: hashcat - advanced password recovery


Hello, I have the entire password, both old and new, but the new one does not fit, as I understand now I made a typo. I checked all the options according to the advice of users of the talk forum, but none of them worked for me. And can the password depend (differ) if I entered it not on the Pentium III, but on a different keyboard it comes out differently?

most common problem is you entered it right but used upper or lower case when you made the password…and screwed it up that way…or at least that is how i roll when i mess up a password

Hello I already tried this with Caps Lock enabled and it didn’t help. I have also checked all 4 languages ​​that I have installed so far. I was disconnected from the network and I was using a laptop, maybe I discreetly touched the touchpad? But it looks like my touchpad only has 2 buttons and a mouse field - could this be the reason?

For a year now I have not been able to get into my wallet, sorry for the blocked money, for me they are significant at the current rate.

is there an option to roll back the hard drive on a new pc? Since I transferred the file to an old laptop, and defragmented it on a new one. I already don’t know what to do, the evil cryptocurrency robbed me …

All unsuccessfully, I tried all the options that I put - they are written down, the password was not long but only 6 characters, I was also advised to create a list of all combinations - nothing came up. I lost 128 LTC bought at $ 36 :frowning_face:

6 characters is easy to bruteforce. hashcat is a nice solution for you.

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The password is longer than 6 characters at the end that I replaced, but if I made a mistake, then it could be 5 or vice versa 7 characters that I should check? I’m tired of thinking. hashcat fails to start.

  • First, don’t worry. LTC/BTC is at ATL, so you wouldn’t want to sell it right now.
  • Second, hashcat is your best shot. You can use it on any live linux like debian. Just “apt install hascat” and have fun. This is the hashmode you should use:

11300 | Bitcoin/Litecoin wallet.dat | Password Managers

  • Third, you just have a good puzzle to solve. Lot’s of people would have a lot of fun doing that. Don’t you even bother getting tired.
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Difficult, I haven’t used Linux before.

You will be able to download it and use it LIVE without install in your old computer. You can grab a debian live at, put it on a usb-disk and then boot temporally. Then install hashcat and have fun!

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I’ll try it tomorrow, thanks.

nothing does not work and it does nothing at all from this Linux.

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Sorry pal… Seems scammy.

One thing I have learned all these years: If it seems too good to be true, it must be too good to be true.

You can sell any file at this satoshidisk without having it checked for the actual funds. So, if you are not scamming, please do better.

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No, I have the file, the price is on purpose so that they don’t buy it, but simply as proof that I have the file. Help restore access to coins and I will give you 10 litecoins.

Please everybody, it is INDEED EASY to recover the password and I told him the password on a private message.

So DONT BUY THE FILE!!! You can be fooled!!!


20% is the usual cost. So I suggest you increase your offer to LTC 25.6.

Inside there are 128 coins with a small change, I think we will agree with you, I agree to 28 LTC, I can’t wait to get access to my coins and sell them at the current rate.

I used hashcat and found the password you ‘missed’. I sent you on a private message and kindly asked you to remove the message above since it may be a scam. I didn’t take me 2 minutes to find out the password with the hints he gave.

Also, I am advising everyone to please DON’T BUY the file. It may be empty and YOU may be scammed by greed of having a working password.

I am just waiting for @Kolya_Kosmos to reply my private message since I already HELPED him.

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