Litecoin and other then Visa and Master card systems

I wonder why litecoin doesn’t work on creating other than VISA and Master card connections. For example there are Union Pay, Mir JCB …I bet Russian MIR will be glad to colaborate. I realise that Union pay probably will not…

Litecoin is better than credit card systems. Litecoin is money that will stay available even after sanctions or bank freezes hit the country where you live, and this is what gives it a value that credit card systems cannot. I’ve made this point in another topic:

I think that you might not actually understand what Litecoin is. Try using some real Litecoin and you’ll probably get the point of it. Here is an introduction on how to use the Litecoin core client:

Oh no, I use it everywhere I can but the litecoin card is made with Visa as far as I know. Litecoin provides the speed and the opportunities to grow projects based on it. But could you imagine what the volume of transactions will be when they will connect to MIR for example.

As for myself I am in a line for revolut… but I d also like to implement it to the app for travellers we are working on… there are tons of plans for LTC :slight_smile:

If you plan to create a credit card provider with Litecoin, I suggest the following business model:

Users deposit LTC into the application as collateral. When the credit card bill comes, the users have two options: either pay the bill (denominated in USD) or have some of their Litecoin foreclosed to cover the expense.

This way, the users will have the option to never lose the Litecoin, since they can just pay the bill in fiat. Litecoin is too strong of a currency to use to pay for trivial expenses.


That would be great.

Even better if we could profit from collateral.

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It looks like a great option. I cannot wait for something like this to come to the market. Such a great thought, well done!

That would be a great thing if it gets approved. But I doubt how many people would want to use it because of the instability in crypto prices these days.

The current market situation doesn’t seem to be a good time for the launch. But you can plan your moves until the prices start bouncing back again.

yes its true but the volatility shall stabilize and be better eventually.

Well litecoin is the form of money that is available to every individual even if the traditional banking sector try to screw with the money. I really like the idea that litecoin should reach out to the general populace and be available as a payment method.