I sent accidentally litecoin to a bitcoin address on my trezor - Please help me. How do I recover my Litecoin

I have checked block cypher and the litecoin has been recieved at the bitcoin address and is unspent. Please advise me how I can recover my litecoin?

I see people posting about a trezor coin recover tool for this situation however all the links to trezors coin recovery tool are no longer available.

Please advise me how I can recover my litecoin

I contacted coinbase and they told me the transaction is irreversable and that I should contact Trezor. I replied stating that the transaction cannot be confirmed if sent to a bitcoin address and I asked can the LTC not be recovered to my coinbase wallet. They replied stating they are working with a specialist to address my issue properly and they will reply in a weeks time.

Any advice guys please?

you just need to convert the address to a 3 address in your wallet
I can only help you with core wallet myself…

but you should be able to just convert the address using this tool:
and then import the address into your trezor…
your private key is alreaddy there…you just need the P2SH address in there

you dont send litecoin to bitcoins network…

all you did was send it to a litecoin “3” address…
litcoin uses “M” addresses by default but it is very easy to convert using the tool

in core wallet you would just sign the incoming transaction using your public key(addwitnessaddress)
and you would sign with the private key to send to a different pubkey/address


another way to do it would be…retrieve the bitcoin private key form your trezor…
convert it to hex format from Wallet Import format…
then convert it to Litecoin’s Wallet import format from hex…
then import the new key into your litecoin wallet
let me know if you need help with this…easy to do using python libraries…

you can also create a new transaction sending the coins to a valid Litecoin “M” address using the private key form your bitcoin wallet at worse case using blockchain.com wallet

only enter your private key after you have converted it as a last step to send the coins to a different address…
I am more than willing to help you with this too…
send me a message and I can walk you through it…
I will not ask you for your private key…NEVER GIVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY TO ANYONE YOU DO NOT TRUST
I do offer wallet recovery services at a fee of 20% of the wallet if you do want me to do it for you using your private key…you will have to trust me with it though like my other clients who I attempt recovery for do (currently working on 5 core wallets for others on this forum at the moment, yours is a little different as I know I can guarantee recovery)
so just let me know

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Everything you said about transferring cryptocurrencies on other wallets seems so complicated to me. I am even concerned if it is worth to invest in other cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin? Knowing myself well, I can easily get into a situation similar to this.

The biggest wallets and exchanges don’t allow to to send bitcoin to litecoin addresses and vice-versa. If you stick to a good exchange like Kraken, Gemini or Coinbase, or wallet like Litewallet then you won’t have a problem.

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Oh! Thank you for your recommendations! Which wallet do you use, or have you tried all of them?

Thank you for sharing this! Is there any wallet that you would specifically recommend to use?

For mobile I would recommend using Litewallet.
For desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux) I’d use Electrum-LTC (make sure you’re using the legit site, since the first result on google is a virus site).

I sent ltc to bitcoin address years ago and i still have can see it was never claimed, I was always told I could never get it back… is that the case or is it possible to recover. I still have all the info

Who did you send your coins to? Was it an address owned by yourself, or perhaps a service like Coinbase.


all you have to do is convert the address using the public key and your coins are available…
if you download the latest wallet at litecoin.org…it will do this for you…
please let me know if you need these coins recovered…I can do it in minutes if needed…

Hi mate, how you doing?
I have sent a little bit over 3 LTC from Binance to a BlockFi BTC adress and looking for any helpful information to retrive it. I can see the instructions you have posted however being relatively new to the market- i don’t get much of it so i was wondering if there is any chance you could help me out.
I know 3 LTC is not a lot and for some people it might be not even worth spending their time for but for a father trying to make living in these crazy times, like me, it is a bit of money. If you are willing to help then could you please let me know what it is you need to me do and what do you charge? I got Txid, blockcypher info, explorerlitecoinnet, where the money is and where it was supposed to go and so on.
Thank you.

Best Regards

Hi @Kristos_Mideyah :wave:

You need to contact BlockFi support and explain your problem. They will understand with the bakd247’s answer: I sent accidentally litecoin to a bitcoin address on my trezor - Please help me. How do I recover my Litecoin - #3 by bakd247

Hiya! I think i have sent you a message before but not sure if you ever seen it. I have sent 3 LTC from Binance to a BlockFi BTC address and neither of them can help to retrive it. Would you be able to help out? I know it is not a lot but for me it kinda is. Obviously i will pay the charge.
Thank you for any help.

Hey! Unfortunately neither Binance nor BlokFi can help. BlockFi says it is possible but too complicated.

you are going to have to contact the website you sent the coins to…they have control of your private key if you are using an online wallet…

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this is a lesson on NOT using online wallets…
do like your suppse to and download a core wallet…let the blockchain sync and you wont have this problem in the future…
sorry to hear that yet another exchange has taken someone elses money…


I have contacted them, the girl i spoke to tried to get something sorted however she said after a while that it is possible but complicated and they cannot help. Would you be able to help if i get the private keys somehow?

Try to get the private key of the BlokFi bitcoin address. Then refer to my previous post. The various solutions from @bakd247 will work.