I need someone who can recover my lost coins

I need someone who can recover my lost coins. I have a few wallet.dat but they don’t show my real wallet and some of them don’t open at all. I have already talked about my problem in another topic, no one could help me
I will be glad for any help

I can help you do recover it… Where do you invest the coin

Litecoin blockchain :hugs: +380963076858 my what’s upp

Кстате я тз снг, возможно есть тут такие кто может помочь так будет проще

Hi Linda, are you a legit LTC tech support? I need an honest person who can recover my LTC, that accidently were sent to a BTC wallet in coinbase. Coinbase has not helped yet. I saw that there is a way of doing it., but I am not that technical; I am a grandma and need help to recover the coins. Otherwise it would mean a real hardship for me. Wasnt much but it is for me.Thanks for any advice.

I had same situation, when I invested 2 years ago, somehow I lost the access to my account but this website helped me 24cryptohubs com